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Loli Wipe

Artist: shadman
Modern problems require modern solutions

Loli Wipe
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (56)
  1. HolyCrusader
    HolyCrusader 14 February 2020 02:03 Reply
    What is this shit. First image is ok, not anything good tho.
    And the second is abomination.
    I need to use some Holy Water on my eyes, anyone wants some?
    1. Satin 2.0
      Satin 2.0 14 February 2020 02:36 Reply
      Although it literally goes against what I am... I agree with the holy man.
      1. Albedo V2.0
        Albedo V2.0 14 February 2020 07:28 Reply
        I agree at with him
      2. Did I agree with Stan
        Did I agree with Stan 16 February 2020 06:23 Reply
        Yes I did. Yes i.did. 
      3. Jerusalem
        Jerusalem 16 February 2020 16:09 Reply
        Nah, actually "holy" crusades were something Satan would like. 
        1. non gay man27
          non gay man27 21 November 2022 10:28 Reply

          man shut the f--k up

    2. Holly water
      Holly water 14 February 2020 05:15 Reply
      I'm afraid no amount of me can help here you guys we need holyholy water
      1. HOLY Holy water
        HOLY Holy water 21 November 2022 08:14 Reply

        Who Dares summon me.... oh Lord take as much of me as you need

    3. bro its shadman
      bro its shadman 15 February 2020 15:26 Reply
      bro its shadman our lord and savior would you expect anything else
    4. King of Monsters
      King of Monsters 2 April 2020 23:43 Reply
      Did someone say crusade?
    5. enen
      enen 25 May 2021 22:52 Reply
    6. Definitely a knight
      Definitely a knight 12 October 2021 09:02 Reply

      I requested for my eyes to be healed with the water of the lord

  2. Samael
    Samael 14 February 2020 02:21 Reply
    Yes please
  3. Space marine
    Space marine 14 February 2020 03:22 Reply
    Hans, bring the flamer, the HEAVY flamer

    1. The Führer
      The Führer 14 February 2020 14:42 Reply
      Hans, get ze Ficken flammenwerfer*
  4. Holy water dealer
    Holy water dealer 14 February 2020 03:41 Reply
    i heard someone needed some holy water
  5. Jonathan Joestarr
    Jonathan Joestarr 14 February 2020 04:11 Reply
    Gentlman unapproved 
  6. Stfu
    Stfu 14 February 2020 05:13 Reply
    This was the worst thing i ever seen in my life
  7. guest who is claming
    guest who is claming 14 February 2020 05:17 Reply
    fuck it i claim this too
  8. Claim Police
    Claim Police 14 February 2020 05:22 Reply
    Holy mother of god😐

    Hell wouldn't even have you there
    1. Nowo
      Nowo 15 February 2020 10:54 Reply
      Do you not know the tales of shadman ?
  9. Rohan-Sensei
    Rohan-Sensei 14 February 2020 05:56 Reply
    Although I respect Shadman's art and many comics, I do not respect this one. It is utterly disgusting but hey, they still do make some good comics
  10. Heavy from TF2
    Heavy from TF2 14 February 2020 05:59 Reply
    I require the Pyro to burn me to ashes so I can unsee the abomination 
  11. Guest God
    Guest God 14 February 2020 06:12 Reply

  12. TheShrekening
    TheShrekening 14 February 2020 06:24 Reply
    Don’t sweat it it, I gotchu fam. I Shrek bless this disgusting crap out of all of our eyes...
  13. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 14 February 2020 06:30 Reply
    I understand everyone's anger but loli porn could be hot if it's done right. The first hentai is a loli by the way. 
  14. Medic tf2
    Medic tf2 14 February 2020 07:11 Reply
    You went too far shad
    1. Nowo
      Nowo 15 February 2020 10:55 Reply
      This is not new for him
  15. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 14 February 2020 08:15 Reply
    Medic you clearly new to shadman's porn
  16. Rimuru
    Rimuru 14 February 2020 09:04 Reply
    Shädman the madman making me want to throw up even tho I’m a slime so I can’t 
  17. demoman from team fortress 2
    demoman from team fortress 2 14 February 2020 17:42 Reply
    Ahh! My fellow mercs are coomin' to rescue me from these abominations of comics! 
  18. Guest Steve
    Guest Steve 14 February 2020 18:56 Reply
    I will never understand shadman (don’t think I want to)
  19. Guest Beelzebub
    Guest Beelzebub 14 February 2020 19:16 Reply
    Wow I need to get the fuck out of here
  20. kennethdado3
    kennethdado3 14 February 2020 19:18 Reply
    holy fuck this is bad
  21. Zayec Valentine
    Zayec Valentine 14 February 2020 21:19 Reply
    Don’t listen to them Shad, people have different taste, you do you man and continue your work. You one of my favorite. 
  22. Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 14 February 2020 21:57 Reply
    this is way beyond my standards
  23. Tenno
    Tenno 15 February 2020 02:11 Reply
    Ordis add another assassination contract this one is called Shädman
    seems like another fan of Hunhow well he will die either way now that others know
    1. Ordis
      Ordis 22 July 2021 22:47 Reply

      Understood Operator ...WE WILL RIP THEM APART... ahem I will correct this fault.

  24. Guest hitler
    Guest hitler 15 February 2020 07:14 Reply
    soooo, can someone help me get these jews ,the train crashed ... never mind i just found out the leader is suicidel... hey who wants to play in the gas chambers
    1. Guest Jesus
      Guest Jesus 28 September 2021 23:33 Reply

      What the actual fuck is wrong with you

  25. Hmmm
    Hmmm 18 February 2020 15:24 Reply
    idk What to say but why holy water why not acid u can use it for eyes and other things 

    I’m here and the fuck is this 
  26. wichie
    wichie 20 February 2020 19:17 Reply
    the first two could've fit in the elevator perfectly fine and had her in front.

    I gagged ngl
  27. DigitalArt56
    DigitalArt56 5 March 2020 07:27 Reply
    My virgin eyes cant believe it
  28. Goku Sama Chan
    Goku Sama Chan 28 March 2020 11:49 Reply
    I don't envy anybody in there. 
  29. King of Monsters
    King of Monsters 4 April 2020 06:10 Reply
    why foo did you bring this here
  30. bumbeyarag
    bumbeyarag 10 June 2020 15:44 Reply
    shadman is good but this one disgusting man.