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Korra's Modern Training

Artist: aurora zone
Korra's Modern Training

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Comments (4)
  1. Based
    Based 1 May 2022 00:31 Reply

    Just came here to say LoK ficking sucks. That's all, thank you 

    1. Correction
      Correction 1 May 2022 00:32 Reply


  2. agent cosmo
    agent cosmo 1 May 2022 02:19 Reply

    men, i need you to go find any magna that is, sao, rent a girlfriend, or toradora

    the boss will be proud

    you know that sounds like a good idea

    bro did you go back and try to sound like a different person so that that stuff would get on here

    but you know sao stuff sounds good

    sorry to anyone that just read my post, my friend got on my device and, umm ya....

  3. Naruto_--Uzamaki
    Naruto_--Uzamaki 12 May 2022 23:46 Reply

    What The Hell