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fiction life of ai shinozaki - chapter 19 remastered. [Hong_mei_ling]

thank you for the supports in my patreon! I hope I can get more supports so I can invest more time working on this piece!
I really appreciate any kind of support, especially in a hard time like now.. thank you very much!

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29 May 2019
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  1. Eric you
    Eric you
    21 January 2020 04:15
    i am still waiting for chapter 22 this is the cultural festival arc and the chapter when the evil god of lust and perversion leaves the main female characters body  i also wonder if we see at least a few more chapters and arcs full of hentai moments for this year. 
  2. Eric you
    Eric you
    22 January 2020 00:25
    i wonder what chapters 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 and maybe  thirty might offer maybe next year we could see chapter 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 to maybe forty then other years til the last chapter as a whole with new characters for each arc or chapter.  
  3. Eric you
    Eric you
    30 January 2020 22:11
    i am still waiting for chapter 22 it is going to be a long wait i guess but what happened to the author of this series is he or she alright. 
  4. Eric you
    Eric you
    7 February 2020 01:51
    still waiting for the 22nd chapter of this series to be released hope it is good and the evil god finally leaves the main female characters body. 
  5. Eric you
    Eric you
    14 February 2020 06:38
    i am still waiting on chapter 22 to be released come on is the author dead or alive by now hope it is really good and the evil god gets expelled from the main female character. 
  6. Eric you
    Eric you
    19 February 2020 21:54
    i wonder what happened to the author is he or she alright we need chapter 22 of this series to come soon i hope. 
  7. Eric you
    Eric you
    21 February 2020 22:21
    i hope we see another pool or maybe now a real beach based arc a beauty contest arc a bathtub or public bathhouse  or shower scene  or hot springs arc a fighting arc or chapter a erotic eating arc or scene or body sushi scene we already had one like that i would also like a mud wrestling arc a dancing arc   and a wet t shirt scene and a workout scene that was already done so maybe skip that one i would also like a costume play arc a modeling arc and other arcs involving more part time jobs or arcs in public places at school and at home.    

    i wonder if we are going to have a dating arc maybe a fancy dinner or going to the movies scene or arc a birthday party arc a wedding arc a graduation arc a baseball arc a bowling arc a fishing arc a paintball arc a mini golf arc a April fools arc  the cultural festival arc a sports day arc a Christmas arc a Halloween based arc a new years arc a valentines day arc a thanksgiving arc a fundraising carnival arc a pro wrestling arc a field trip arc a high school dance arc a picture day arc a measuring day arc a school play arc a science fair arc a camping arc a casino or hotel arc a boot camp like arc a circus arc a concert arc a courtroom arc a detention arc a airplane arc or scene we kind of had this one a picnic arc a prison arc a ski resort based arc a space arc maybe some alien abduction or invasion arc and fantasy based arcs and other genres of fiction maybe a Hollywood like arc a Las Vegas like arc a trip to Hawaii or another island arc a babysitting job arc a major disaster or storm based arc and a arc about  hunting for lost treasure worth tons of money.       
  8. Eric you
    Eric you
    27 February 2020 23:43
    we see in the treasure hunting arc if there is one the main female character does get into some antics at a part time job this time assisting a archaeologist find a treasure chest that used to belong to some pirates she finds the treasure chest while diving in the water she finds 9.9 quadrillion yens  or 9.9 trillion yens  or 9.9 billion  yens or 9.9 million yens  worth of gemstones and precarious metals were in this treasure chest. her boss half of the treasure he found to her she hands some of it to a local museum she gets a check and uses it a local bank to get paper currency and some coins she uses her money to help pay off her family's debts and she buys some things for herself.                    
  9. Eric you
    Eric you
    28 February 2020 00:29
    we also see the main female character assisting a mad scientist she gets to try on a hat or helmet a gauntlet or a glove a necktie  and pair of stockings and shoes a mask a ring a watch or a nice suit of armor invented by this mad scientist.  
  10. Eric you
    Eric you
    29 August 2021 23:24

    now with chapter 22 completed is this the end of the series where Ai and other characters show up I really hope we see more of Ai her family friends teachers and the coworkers she has in her part time job to support herself and her family some more I wonder what she will do if she gets nine billion yen or 900000000 yen or 90000000 yen or nine million yen or 900000 yen or 90000 yen or nine thousand yen or nine hundred yen or ninety yen or nine yen or one hundred yen or ten yen or one yen or zero yen  from a rich new boyfriend character or a new or yet unseen boss for one of her part time jobs.  

    I also wonder what Ai looks like as a adult her breasts could grow a bit along with her height and some changes to her body over the years maybe as a young adult or emerging early adulthood along with her going to her first period or mensural cycle. I also wonder what her kids will look like and who her future husband we see later on could be.   

    I wonder what would happen if Ai wins one hundred million yen or ten million yen or one million yen or one million yen or 100000 yen or ten thousand yen or one thousand yen or one hundred yen or ten yen or one yen or zero yen. 

    I wonder if after the evil god curse is removed what kind of clothes will she wear and if she gets a lot of money from her new rich boyfriend or husband character we have yet seen yet we see that Ai finds underwear to still be uncomfortable and she becomes more of a exhibitionist nudist pervert and a masochist while her new husband or boyfriend could be quite of a  sadistic pervert  towards her and others.   

    I would like for Ai to have married a successful business executive who is also a brilliant inventor scientist and a researcher or a medical doctor or a journalist of some sort or a local politician or a descendant of a samurai clan or clan of ninjas or swordsmen or a famous stage magician or someone else who is quite wealthy maybe the future governor of blue sky island yet to be seen.   

    I think if she does wear a undergarment it should be like the loincloth she wore in chapter two or that plastic wrapping and weird red panties she wore in chapter four or those shorts we saw in chapter fifteen or some kind of other underwear or even in a swimsuit like in chapter sixteen. 

    I also think when the curse is removed she will wear her moms hand me down clothes maybe even some clothes she borrowed from her dad and even her older brother but later tailored to fit her body just a bit. 

    hmm I wonder if Ai will wear underwear or will she not wear any underwear for the rest of her life she has money she could spend it on buying a few new bras and panties/ underwear or something to support her breasts and cover her lower half along with some new clothes include swimsuits from one pieces to bikinis or something quite different and uniquely sexy.  

  11. Eric you
    Eric you
    25 February 2023 21:00

    I hope we see more of Ai Shinozaki there was a reference that this series would continue maybe with a new author for at least twelve more chapters I wonder what will happen next to Ai Shinozaki and some of the other characters would like to see her sister her older brother her mother and her father a bit more next time.