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We used to be happy 2

Artist: nakani
Well shit im posting again, also this shit had a part 2

We used to be happy 2

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Comments (8)
  1. Jiro from Brawlhalla
    Jiro from Brawlhalla 17 November 2022 14:54 Reply

    idk man, maybe vecause im drunk, but this is sad and wholesome at the same moment...

  2. Me not you
    Me not you 17 November 2022 21:14 Reply

    I was confused about the first part and now this.

    Can somebody please explain the story to me and the ending of the first one. Thanks to anyone upfront.

    1. LostCause
      LostCause 18 November 2022 00:59 Reply

      In the first on the girl is suicidal and calls her parents (who live elsewhere with her brother) saying she loves them. They know what is going on so the brother gets on a midnight flight and gets to get apartment a coupe hours later, preventing the suicide attempt. They end up having the incest and the brother decides to stay and look after whilst also helping her quit their job (which is the implied reason for suicide)

      1. Me not you
        Me not you 18 November 2022 10:08 Reply

        I mean I noticed that part but why doesnt she remember that Yuuya is in her apartment in the end of the first one and why does she act so weird like she just got replaced. And also why are there locked /taped up rooms in the first on. (I now its just a doujin but when there is a story like that I kinda want to understand it)

  3. Lucifer.0.1
    Lucifer.0.1 18 November 2022 01:01 Reply

    Yo this is isnt just a normal porn this got story

  4. Why just why
    Why just why 18 November 2022 04:20 Reply

    Damn, the depression continues.

  5. Ok
    Ok 18 November 2022 05:04 Reply

    I came here to masterbait not to be emotionally invested in a fucking story 

  6. Fore1337
    Fore1337 18 November 2022 11:17 Reply

    Well that’s what I came here for!

    This is some good shit!