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Flashing Her Boobs

Artist: tayuri
Flashing Her Boobs

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (13)
  1. TikoThePanda84
    TikoThePanda84 19 June 2022 15:30 Reply

    First off WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS i never would of thought i would have to read about Trans Eri jerk of to part of the female cast of My Hero Academia this is disgusting eri is six years old god damn it i hope you rot in hell


    1. A reader
      A reader 19 June 2022 18:40 Reply

      Whoo boy if you think this is bad you haven't seen some of the other stuff. This one is actually rather tame, seeing as how Eri isn't even shown.

      1. Guest Mr. Mcgoo
        Guest Mr. Mcgoo 19 June 2022 19:43 Reply

        Just because there's worse things, that certainly doesn't make this comic good.

        1. Rusian_God
          Rusian_God 21 June 2022 05:11 Reply

          we got a goodie two shoes over here boys

    2. BepisBan
      BepisBan 20 June 2022 04:03 Reply

      you must be new here

    3. Guest ggg
      Guest ggg 20 June 2022 05:02 Reply

      I thought it was Izuku of that purple grape at first then I read the dialogue and I think to myself "Wait are they saying ERI?!"

  2. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 19 June 2022 19:39 Reply

    It would've been even greater if Eri was suckin' them tits or some gropage.

    1. loli_collector69
      loli_collector69 19 June 2022 20:00 Reply

      my man

      1. Limbo
        Limbo 20 June 2022 11:19 Reply


        my man

  3. Tony Tony Chopper
    Tony Tony Chopper 20 June 2022 03:21 Reply

    I don't care. It's sorta hot, I guess

  4. Yasuo the Unforgiven
    Yasuo the Unforgiven 20 June 2022 05:16 Reply

    Eww what are those tits

  5. Holy guardian
    Holy guardian 20 June 2022 08:11 Reply


    1. Rusian_God
      Rusian_God 21 June 2022 05:10 Reply