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Artist: juna juna juice
First time posting on here but I'm no stranger, I'm the guy who suggested Omae ni Seikyuu Suru! and A Demon Lord has Appeared in my Room and for my first post I'll put a personal favorite of mine.

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (11)
  1. luigi
    luigi 9 January 2022 08:32 Reply

    hehe first commit


    it was very wholesomewholesome 

  2. Maiji man
    Maiji man 9 January 2022 09:46 Reply

    Ya know it's bad when I recognize the artist like 5 pages in and instantly go back to read through for the story first. Lol

  3. The Critic
    The Critic 9 January 2022 12:41 Reply

    This website has taught me how to identify art.

    1. John-117
      John-117 9 January 2022 18:40 Reply

      Bro same

    2. Why just why
      Why just why 9 January 2022 23:53 Reply


  4. luigi
    luigi 9 January 2022 20:20 Reply

    am i the onlyone but have you guys seen hans in a while

    im probley missing all his comics or something

  5. Machio
    Machio 10 January 2022 02:23 Reply

    Things were going a but too well in the beginning but it all turned out dandy 6/10

  6. Hans the Krieger
    Hans the Krieger 10 January 2022 02:26 Reply

    Ach Juna juice very wholesome story und unique art style. May the Emperor protect

  7. ĒÊËÈÉ
    ĒÊËÈÉ 10 January 2022 03:13 Reply

    E is the best flavor

  8. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 10 January 2022 09:05 Reply


  9. smiley66son
    smiley66son 15 January 2022 01:38 Reply

    shit, no cheating, no cucking, no humiliation, just a loving husband and wife going for a little nightly fun, no one bickering or arguing, just... a perfect family... this is a wonderfull comic