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A Demon Lord has Appeared! in my Room...

Artist: kousuke
A request from a discord user from the new discord server, come join to request as well and hang out

-Posted by a Questionable looking door-to-door salesman

A Demon Lord has Appeared! in my Room...

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. AkumaWP
    AkumaWP 2 January 2022 18:30 Reply

    Wholesome???? Also funny 

  2. John-117
    John-117 2 January 2022 19:15 Reply

    Definitely wholesome

  3. Hans the Krieger
    Hans the Krieger 2 January 2022 20:29 Reply

    ach a typical Overly powerful Xeno taking a liking to a nerdish man type of story. Story ist overall wholesome, art style ist quite unique for a hentai. and porn ist also send gut. 

    May the Emperor protect

    1. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear and Baker

      Neigh my friend she's a foul daemon there's a difference between xeno and daemons

  4. Degeneracyscalebot
    Degeneracyscalebot 2 January 2022 23:00 Reply

    Degeneracy scale green 

    Reasons reverse isikais are better than normal isikais 

  5. Hyllus
    Hyllus 3 January 2022 09:17 Reply

    if anyone from the discord is reading this im going to be off for a few days

    1. Jiro from Brawlhalla
      Jiro from Brawlhalla 3 January 2022 21:45 Reply

      okay.. see ya later

  6. Guest Maxwell23
    Guest Maxwell23 4 January 2022 01:41 Reply

    One word Nice