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Sexual Tendencies

Artist: detnox
Your Next Line Is "Posted by a Plum."!

Posted by a Plum....NANI?!?

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (7)
  1. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum 9 January 2022 03:38 Reply

    Joseph Joestar. One of the best tacticions ever. He outsmarted and slayed three ancient superhuman warriors, one of which even obtained immortality. Yet even then his brilliant mind still could not save him from Child Support.

  2. nilboard
    nilboard 9 January 2022 03:58 Reply


    -5 points from nonhuman body portions 

    1. Guest boi
      Guest boi 9 January 2022 05:23 Reply


  3. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear and Baker

    That's how jojos dad was born

  4. ĒÊËÈÉ
    ĒÊËÈÉ 9 January 2022 07:04 Reply

    That was the moment she knew...she fucked up

  5. Guest Pog
    Guest Pog 9 January 2022 16:39 Reply

    Honestly just happy we have another jojo comic

  6. Jebus
    Jebus 10 January 2022 02:49 Reply

    Jojo. God likes Jojo. I am in Jojo.