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Male Gardevoir Adoption

Artist: jlullaby
Parody: pokemon
TwistedFate, you posted the same message under all the gardevoir comics that I posted recently and I just want you to know I understand. She's the most overused r34 Pokémon, her simps probably smell like cheeto dust and to be honest only normies like her. WHICH IS WHY I POSTED MORE MOTHAFUCKA!!!

Posted by a Plum.

Male Gardevoir Adoption

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Comments (21)
  1. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 2 September 2021 02:34 Reply

    Medicham or Jynx please

  2. bepis_ban
    bepis_ban 2 September 2021 02:42 Reply

    tom-girls are not one of my pet peeves so yay

  3. Гость Aaaaa
    Гость Aaaaa 2 September 2021 02:50 Reply

    Jlullaby no longer make art

  4. s
    s 2 September 2021 02:52 Reply

    okay. i'm certain the guy is some alien ogre. only explanation. how do you even break that red triangle thing?? his dick looks like he's housing 37 different cancers inside it. this feels really wrong, and i dont understand how you can draw a gay comic then include F-slur in it, nothing wrong with it being gay but i want to drop that guy into a pit

    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 2 September 2021 02:59 Reply

      God damn even with my 20/20 vision I'm struggling to find who asked.

      1. ĒÊËÈÉ
        ĒÊËÈÉ 2 September 2021 07:05 Reply

        I'm with plum on this one ☝

  5. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 2 September 2021 02:55 Reply


    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 2 September 2021 03:00 Reply


  6. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 2 September 2021 03:33 Reply

    Gardevoir is the worst overused porn pokemon and I wont get down from my statement.

    If you post I comment, mothafucka

    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 2 September 2021 03:37 Reply


      1. TwistedFate
        TwistedFate 2 September 2021 03:43 Reply

        That's nice we have a interaction like this Plum. Our bond as mates became stronger. 

        Oh are you in me drinking group or if you aren't I can get you in if you want

        1. Sugar Plum
          Sugar Plum 2 September 2021 03:54 Reply

          Hell yeah, I'm in.

          1. TwistedFate
            TwistedFate 2 September 2021 04:26 Reply

            Check my profile Plum'y

            1. Sugar Plum
              Sugar Plum 2 September 2021 04:37 Reply

              Thanks >:D

        2. The mailman
          The mailman 21 November 2021 20:32 Reply

          May I as the mailman join? I can supply drinks whenever your need

  7. OverseerOfHimself
    OverseerOfHimself 2 September 2021 08:37 Reply

    Aren't Male gardevoirs just Gallades?

  8. jaegermeeks08
    jaegermeeks08 2 September 2021 11:14 Reply

    I love this weird little porn community

    1. TwistedFate
      TwistedFate 3 September 2021 01:18 Reply

      And I love you random commentor

  9. Professor Oak
    Professor Oak 4 September 2021 11:21 Reply

    Gardevoirs can be both male and female. 

    Gallades can only be male. 

    Remember to stack up on antidotes and pokeballs during your Pokémon journey! 

    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum 5 September 2021 20:14 Reply

      Thanks Professor Oak, Very cool. 😎

  10. Гость IZAYA
    Гость IZAYA 5 September 2021 11:26 Reply

    I want more trap gardevoir. Guess i'm bisexual then