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The Gyaru and the Disgusting Otaku

Artist: enokido

Hans the Krieger: 0 pts

the guest which is no guest: 0 pts (can’t locate first comment)

TriKurrDurr: 0 pts

Damnation: 0 pts

Person of disinterest: 1 pt

Dabishop124: 0 pts

🏆CURRENT LEADER: Person of disinterest🏆

Remember, to claim your weekly point(s), under any newly posted comic, comment “busted (time of day)” To claim one of MY posted comics, comment “First. busted (time of day)” to signify that you are the first comment.

Anyone else who comment after will only revive the standard one point instead of the exclusive two for the first commenter.

The Gyaru and the Disgusting Otaku

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (20)
  1. Quiet bear.
    Quiet bear. 20 August 2021 21:21 Reply

    Nice dick, bro. 

  2. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 20 August 2021 21:34 Reply



  3. the guest wich is no guest
    the guest wich is no guest 20 August 2021 21:43 Reply

    my first comment was on flames of passion 2

    can i bust two times a day?

    1. John-117
      John-117 20 August 2021 22:42 Reply

      No, it’s only once a week. That’s why it’s called the ONE bust a WEEK challenge 

      1. TwistedFate
        TwistedFate 20 August 2021 23:23 Reply

        Master Chief, where the damned hand is my name and I claimed one of your comics too? Did I do something wrong?

        1. John-117
          John-117 21 August 2021 00:55 Reply

          Shit, sorry dude. I found your claim, 2 points for you, although next time be sure to post the correct comment format for the challenge, as shown in the rules at the top of this comic.

          1. TwistedFate
            TwistedFate 21 August 2021 03:33 Reply

            Thanks Chief. Understood sir. Oh by the way did you get my personal message 

      2. Sugar Plum
        Sugar Plum 21 August 2021 00:22 Reply

        More like the xlecx olympics.

        1. John-117
          John-117 21 August 2021 00:57 Reply

          Would you like to participate, o mighty plum?

          1. Sugar Plum
            Sugar Plum 21 August 2021 01:18 Reply

            Nah, I don't have enough willpower for a challenge such as this. I will watch from afar though 👀

            1. John-117
              John-117 21 August 2021 06:35 Reply

              Enjoy the show my good…friend. It’s 2021, I’m not about to go assuming and internet avatars gender

  4. the guest wich is no guest
    the guest wich is no guest 20 August 2021 22:51 Reply

    >sad the guest wich is no guest noices<

    so since i told you the comic name have you found my comment 

    its on page 5 of last comments

    and i want to ask does a week start at the soonest monday or is it orientated on the beginn of the challenge

    1. John-117
      John-117 21 August 2021 00:53 Reply

      well, this week only counts for Wednesday through Saturday since that’s when the challenge started. From here on out, it will be from Sunday to Saturday for the full duration of a week since that’s how a week looks on a calendar 

    2. John-117
      John-117 21 August 2021 00:56 Reply

      Your comment has been found. Your score has been increased from 0 to 1

  5. Гость dabishop124
    Гость dabishop124 21 August 2021 02:08 Reply

    busted 7:07

  6. Dabishop124
    Dabishop124 21 August 2021 02:10 Reply

    shit i was logged out that guest is me

    busted 7:07

  7. Reclusagari
    Reclusagari 21 August 2021 06:16 Reply

    Busted, 10:15 PM with gusto I accept your challenge. 

  8. Hyllus
    Hyllus 21 August 2021 06:39 Reply

    10 39 pm

  9. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 23 August 2021 10:06 Reply

    Busted 12:06 am.

  10. Vum
    Vum 13 October 2021 15:22 Reply

    8 21