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Don't Kiss My Tail!

Group: bananajam
Artist: hanzaki jirou
Parody: to love-ru

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (6)
  1. Justice for George Floyd
    Justice for George Floyd 1 June 2020 04:59 Reply
    People of xlecx!!!! Hear me!!!! I wish to unite this place be it guest,claimers, advertising idiots,people that have profile picture, idiots,asshole!!!! We must not let injustice continue!!!!! We must make those police officer's (murderers) go scoff free!!!! George Floyd's death should have been averted if only people looked at each other equally but NO!!! They would choose to be RACIST ASSHOLES!!!! 

    "I Can't Breathe" 
    -George Floyd

    Fuck forgot to put not on WE MUST MAKE Those POLICE OFFICERS
  2. I hate myself
    I hate myself 1 June 2020 16:24 Reply
    I already wanna forget controversy cause I've had enough of it but you just can't run away from it. I've had enough of this racist bullshit. May God bless George floyd
  3. Some guy
    Some guy 3 June 2020 17:21 Reply
    You forgot fetish lovers like me.......I like snails

    BDSM LOVER 23 July 2020 09:11 Reply
    Asphyxiation fetishists of the world unite...
  5. John-117
    John-117 17 December 2020 07:56 Reply
    Damn...too son bro 
  6. Oh No
    Oh No 18 July 2021 20:30 Reply

    Wow that didn’t age well at all jfgf.