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Just Marrie

Artist: malezor
Just Marrie

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (26)
  1. No
    No 10 April 2020 05:08 Reply
    What the hell
    1. Oh On
      Oh On 10 April 2020 10:44 Reply
  2. Love Machine
    Love Machine 10 April 2020 05:19 Reply
    Sometimes The Love Machine hates his existence, The Love Machine has to approve because they love each other. The Love Machine is already drawing the line on a bunch of things but sometimes I
     hate what's on my side of the line.
  3. Alastor the radio demon
    Alastor the radio demon 10 April 2020 05:29 Reply
    This was on nifty's phone-
    1. Angeldust
      Angeldust 12 April 2020 18:39 Reply
      Shaggy other rd is back
      1. Angeldust
        Angeldust 12 April 2020 18:41 Reply
        Typo I meant ayyyy not shagy  fuk auto correct
  4. Englishmen
    Englishmen 10 April 2020 07:20 Reply
    No just no
    1. The British Empire
      The British Empire 11 April 2020 23:33 Reply
      Jolly good name.
  5. Karu
    Karu 10 April 2020 08:17 Reply
    I claim this so no other bastard can...
  6. The WeirdShit Collector
    The WeirdShit Collector 10 April 2020 08:50 Reply
    Nah, I’m not adding this to the collection. Its just another uninteresting vore comic, there are plenty of them. And I don’t actually understand why you guys downvoted it so hard 
  7. Reetrifter
    Reetrifter 10 April 2020 09:33 Reply
    Well that took a turn
  8. Space Toast
    Space Toast 10 April 2020 10:54 Reply
    Will I have a cider?
    Yes I will, yes I will.
    Will I have a scrumpy?
    Yes i will yes i will.
    Will I approve of this cursed shite?
    Bloody fuckig hell, no way in hell will I ever approve of this.
  9. Nikolino01
    Nikolino01 10 April 2020 14:53 Reply
    What the fuck

  10. Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook 10 April 2020 15:22 Reply
    I wish I could tear my eyes out so I don't have to see this, oh wait I don't have any eyes. 
  11. Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright 10 April 2020 15:43 Reply
    Object class: no.
    Additional notes: if O5 would just permit me to use Memetic kill agents in this site... 
    1. Space Toast
      Space Toast 11 April 2020 02:38 Reply
      Mate I told you not to, what'd Kondraki think if ya did?
    2. O-11
      O-11 11 April 2020 20:32 Reply

      1. 05-2
        05-2 27 July 2020 20:40 Reply
        [DATA EXPUNGED] you little son of a bitch, you little cock sucker, get back to your job. You don't want me to report this to O-1. Im disappointed at you.
  12. Bob ross the god
    Bob ross the god 10 April 2020 18:23 Reply
    Me and my afro agree that this is a mistake
  13. Papperachie
    Papperachie 10 April 2020 22:32 Reply


    I guess the ending was cute
  14. Jay from Ninjago
    Jay from Ninjago 11 April 2020 00:42 Reply
    Pythor made this. He hasn't gotten over his vore fetish since he was eaten by the Great Devourer.
  15. Fuck...
    Fuck... 11 April 2020 01:01 Reply
    It could be really good if there was no human eating shit going on. 
  16. Samael The Sergal
    Samael The Sergal 11 April 2020 09:38 Reply
    What the Fuck.
  17. Suka bliat
    Suka bliat 11 April 2020 10:29 Reply
  18. The antichrist
    The antichrist 12 April 2020 04:58 Reply
    Someone pencil the hard drive this monstrosity on is on for a few hours in a microwave.
  19. 6 November 2021 04:15 Reply