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Joker/Futaba/Haru Comic

Artist: kinkymation
Parody: persona 5
Joker/Futaba/Haru Comic

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (26)
  1. Moxxie
    Moxxie 16 March 2020 20:03 Reply
  2. Redeye55
    Redeye55 16 March 2020 20:13 Reply
    Gotta say realy Nice 
    1. Yu Narukami
      Yu Narukami 17 March 2020 02:46 Reply
      All of these people are eating 10/10 yet your not realising that this Is 15/10
  3. Ultimate lifeform shadow
    Ultimate lifeform shadow 16 March 2020 20:18 Reply
    Absolutely great comic, 10/10 I now use the chaos emeralds to protect this comic from all claims and any claim will result in death. 
  4. Guest Balgor
    Guest Balgor 16 March 2020 21:53 Reply
    Nah, that will only encourage them

  5. JokerFan
    JokerFan 16 March 2020 23:39 Reply
    1. G.E.R.
      G.E.R. 16 March 2020 23:45 Reply
      I know 14 more days
  6. Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 16 March 2020 23:49 Reply
    Took me a while to get my account back, but now that these two are happy I gotta say enjoy
    1. Yu Narukami
      Yu Narukami 17 March 2020 02:42 Reply
      Nice man, glad ur back
      1. Makoto yuki
        Makoto yuki 17 March 2020 02:50 Reply
        Indeed good to see you
    2. Yosuke Hanamura
      Yosuke Hanamura 12 April 2020 02:08 Reply
      So it is all happening in future? Im kinda confused of time here
  7. Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 17 March 2020 01:15 Reply
    This has been claimed by the Repub- OH SHIT WAIT SHADOW I'M SORR-
  8. Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 17 March 2020 01:29 Reply
    Don't worry Captian Rex, this is why weak minded clones were removed from the Empire.  I think we can take this rodent.  I claim this for The Empire!
    1. Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear
      Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear 17 March 2020 02:09 Reply
      Here we go again with the stupid claiming even my crows are smart enough to think about things not like you brainbits who claim here, claim there, and claim everywhere goddamn its annoying
  9. Makoto yuki
    Makoto yuki 17 March 2020 02:37 Reply
  10. Akihiko Sanada
    Akihiko Sanada 17 March 2020 02:46 Reply
    Indeed I saw makoto do it but shinji didn't damn it I wasn't strong enough
  11. Aigis
    Aigis 17 March 2020 02:48 Reply
    Do not blame your self akihiko-san it was not your fault 
  12. Makoto yuki
    Makoto yuki 17 March 2020 02:59 Reply
    Ha look at this cult status I see no god up here(besides Jesus)other than me (I'm actually high up right now as a door so that is why I am saying it) ( you wouldn't get it)
  13. 2Strokes1Nut
    2Strokes1Nut 17 March 2020 06:58 Reply
    Can’t wait for P5 royal! 

    Same thing as last time but less girls and he skips the “don’t cum challenge.” Must’ve been new game plus.

    Art:  Great (Yes, I like the coloring better here.)

    Story: Weak (The story’s no highlight this time around, though. Dialogue was given up on for the greater middle of it. )

    “Action” Good (Simple, yet sweet)

    Overall Recommendation: Worth more than one fap. Could’ve tried for more memorable dialogue like the games, though

  14. Space Patrol Delta
    Space Patrol Delta 17 March 2020 08:44 Reply
    I shall assist Shadow and declare this comic unclaimable
  15. Porn Inspector
    Porn Inspector 17 March 2020 12:59 Reply
    shame to say that im late
  16. wineroar
    wineroar 18 March 2020 08:47 Reply
    is there any chance there is persona 4 stuff but of the same artist? i rlly like the style. :)

  17. Makoto yuki
    Makoto yuki 18 March 2020 16:09 Reply
    He doesn't do any persona 4 stuff bit there is persona 4 comics on the site

  18. rtyrtyrty
    rtyrtyrty 24 March 2020 23:48 Reply
  19. Yosuke Hanamura
    Yosuke Hanamura 6 June 2020 14:57 Reply
    One more good comics
  20. Yo Ese
    Yo Ese 5 October 2020 05:53 Reply
    Casual polyamorous relationship 2