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Forever a Bride: The Story of a hero magically turned into a "princess" and a Demon King

Artist: hiiragi popura

[Mashiro no Hihoukan (Hiiragi Popura, Kakizato)] Eien, Kaimasu ~Mahou de "Hime" ni Sareta Yuusha to, Maou no Monogatari~ | Forever a Bride: The Story of a hero magically turned into a "princess" and a Demon King [English]
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (12)
  1. KenKaneki
    KenKaneki 18 February 2020 08:06 Reply
    I claim this for Anteiku and Aogiri
    1. Dabi
      Dabi 30 April 2021 05:44 Reply
      FUCK YOU!!!
  2. Space Toast
    Space Toast 18 February 2020 09:52 Reply
    As wholesome as this was, it took a couple re-reads just to make sense of the translation. If'n you're gonna translate hentai, at try to do it in proper English, dont just use google translate.
    1. Albedo V2.0
      Albedo V2.0 18 February 2020 11:48 Reply
      Is this hentai or just a good fantasy romance, genderbent,and netorare(mild)
  3. Lusty
    Lusty 18 February 2020 10:00 Reply
    So cute
  4. Dude
    Dude 18 February 2020 10:31 Reply
    Yo hold tf up “nigger” with the hard R REALLY
  5. Boss Nigga
    Boss Nigga 18 February 2020 17:08 Reply
    Pretty good, but this seems like it was translated using Google Translate.

    1. mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm
      mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm 24 September 2020 23:43 Reply
      i click this with full knowledge that there is a 98% chance it is a rick roll
  6. Continu
    Continu 20 February 2020 05:10 Reply
    this needs to be continued, its so wholesome
  7. Toilet
    Toilet 20 February 2020 14:48 Reply
    whem the twins ask for a license i thought it was they were asking for the n-word pass
  8. riano overy
    riano overy 23 February 2020 01:42 Reply
    Gross story's two girls and bad all together
  9. Jimmy williams
    Jimmy williams 5 July 2021 01:22 Reply

    Im jimmy Williams and i approve this message