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RWBY White Rose on the bus

Artist: lovially
Parody: rwby

11 pages
37 344
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. HathamKenway
    HathamKenway 29 January 2020 03:40 Reply
    Claimed for the Assassins in our fight against the Templars. 
  2. Hathan kenway Was a templar night
    Hathan kenway Was a templar night 29 January 2020 03:58 Reply
    Hathan kenway Was one of the nights Templer he defected from assassins and his son and father Connor Kenway and Edward Kenway were assassins And he inaugurated Shay McCormick and assassin that defected from the Knights Templar much like him and Shay killed Arno Dorian‘s father
  3. Niggatuo
    Niggatuo 29 January 2020 05:18 Reply
    Sorry guess can't claim so I claim this 

    And this is traced off of a real animation. Please don't be a dick and STOP TRACING!!!!
    1. Strakdal
      Strakdal 2 May 2020 09:50 Reply
      Can you possibly link me to the animation?
      1. coffindice
        coffindice 1 September 2020 02:43 Reply
        I got chu

  4. Rimuru
    Rimuru 29 January 2020 06:49 Reply
    I don’t like the art work so I’m going to give it a solid 3/10
  5. Bob ross the god
    Bob ross the god 6 April 2020 02:54 Reply
    No one is safe from the schneenis
  6. Bunso
    Bunso 5 March 2021 10:38 Reply
    7/10, Atleast they put effort into making this.