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  1. Valentino
    2 January 2020 17:18
    Can't claim this shit
  2. description man
    description man
    2 January 2020 19:03
    atleast theres none of that shitty hazbin hotel faggots in this comment section.

    and if there is then they deserve a death sentence
    1. Alastor
      2 January 2020 19:59
      Already dead bucko
      Now i don’t understand why almost all 3D comics have really misshapen women but its not attractive at all. 3/10
    2. Makoto yuki
      Makoto yuki
      2 January 2020 22:19
      Valentino is one of the many overlords of Hell and a character in Hazbin Hotel. He is the owner of Porn Studios as well as being Angel Dust's boss.

      Messed up there now didn't you kiddo
  3. HugeAsianDick123
    2 January 2020 20:51
    Not Claimed
  4. The Unknown Soceity
    The Unknown Soceity
    2 January 2020 23:28
    Once again we will rephrase a colleague's sentence, Oversized bodyparts and utter incest dont make a good 3D representation of pornography, this goes the same with oversmalling things.
  5. Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    2 January 2020 23:44
    I find all of the Hazbin Characters to be rather cringey. This seems to happen with most of the show fanabses and then they die out. I'm hoping that this is true for the hazbin bc this site is better off with an even spread of characters and not just a shutload of Hazbin ones.
    1. Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ
      2 January 2020 23:45
      What great fortune. My auto-correct seems to have replaced shitload with shutload. Bless it
  6. Saint 14
    Saint 14
    3 January 2020 10:14
    It seems that I am only able to claim those comics that others deem disgusting. Regardless, I can ignore the comics and focus on the comment section. After all, that's what really matters, isn't it? I truly value the community over the content.
  7. Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    4 January 2020 06:01
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    Raid Shadow Legends
    4 January 2020 06:40
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