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Applebloom And Rusty

Artist: bonk

7 pages
97 682
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (21)
  1. AnichanXo
    AnichanXo 8 December 2019 02:50 Reply
  2. Where is Giorno
    Where is Giorno 8 December 2019 04:12 Reply
    Where is Gioro when you need him?
    1. Where is Giorno typo error
      Where is Giorno typo error 8 December 2019 04:13 Reply
      Where is Giorno when you need him?
    2. SEX PlatiCUM
      SEX PlatiCUM 8 December 2019 06:25 Reply
      Oral. (Dead.)
  3. The Fourth Wall
    The Fourth Wall 8 December 2019 06:31 Reply
    Wade a sexy style Apple Bloom!
  4. Cory in the house
    Cory in the house 8 December 2019 08:12 Reply
    What the hell is this shit. I am disgusted and displeased with this comic
    1. Satin 2.0
      Satin 2.0 8 December 2019 10:26 Reply
      Everyone, he has spoken.
      His word is gosibl, we must listen.
  5. Ruslik
    Ruslik 8 December 2019 11:27 Reply

    Poor Fluttershy. That's so disgusting to lick a dirty ass. Eww... 
  6. The Unknown Soceity
    The Unknown Soceity 8 December 2019 18:18 Reply
    You've disrupted the balance, and blunders such as this must be rectified.
  7. Monkey Dick. Luffy
    Monkey Dick. Luffy 9 December 2019 03:20 Reply
    My crew won't step in this ship ew
  8. KudosK42
    KudosK42 12 December 2019 13:39 Reply
  9. Satin 1.0
    Satin 1.0 13 December 2019 06:33 Reply
    They don't deserve the deepest darkest part of hell. Oh and wuz up Satin 2.0 i'm the original as you know.

    fuckin job theif.
  10. Dr.duck12
    Dr.duck12 16 December 2019 08:22 Reply
    But what if I did like it and that I wanted the creator to create more. I really love it. Thx😘🤗
  11. Crusader
    Crusader 8 January 2020 06:52 Reply
    Well if you did like it here are 3 easy steps you should do

    Step 1: tie a noose

    Step 2: find a tree/ceiling fan (ceiling fan is the funnier option)

    Step 3: hang for your herecy you heritic

    and also it costed 0$ for you to say that.

    Try fucking responding to that you imbred fucker bet your from Alabama.

    Sorry wrong your I meant you're.

    Oh and Ruslik read the title fucktard.

    Who will join me in the crusade against bonk the heritic.

    Sorry again don't want fuckin grammar nazis correcting me I meant to put a ? instead of a .

    Oh shit my the cum that I got from another comic stuck to my skin like a fucking condom!
  12. redsinatract
    redsinatract 8 January 2020 10:18 Reply
    I have claimed this post
  13. Georgie
    Georgie 6 January 2021 08:25 Reply
    Yeah no Satan

  14. Michael_Myers
    Michael_Myers 9 April 2021 05:02 Reply
    who made this? i'm gonna fucking kill them i swear
  15. Neron
    Neron 23 November 2021 17:08 Reply

    Please, make second part, it's beautiful 😊