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Hey Tiny

Artist: Cornelia Nelson
Tags: group, furry, yaoi
This comic was sponsored by clorox cleansing life on This earth one bottle at a time.

Hey Tiny

13 pages
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (24)
  1. I was here first
    I was here first 24 November 2019 22:46 Reply
    I just drank some bleach for the fun of it I shared it with my whole family
  2. I was here second.
    I was here second. 24 November 2019 22:49 Reply
    Wow. Strange but funny.
  3. Gay
    Gay 25 November 2019 00:14 Reply
    Actually laughed my ass off
  4. Mister.Random
    Mister.Random 25 November 2019 01:08 Reply
    I Swear the god giorno stop interrupting my me time.
  5. Arkunus
    Arkunus 25 November 2019 02:27 Reply
    No one is forcing you to read mlp comics mate. Let others enjoy reading and that's it
  6. Eman0904
    Eman0904 25 November 2019 02:50 Reply
    can we get a non cloroxed version of this?
    like, seriously though
  7. Now Im commiting die
    Now Im commiting die 25 November 2019 02:52 Reply
  8. Jhonny Joestar
    Jhonny Joestar 25 November 2019 04:22 Reply
    very funny giorno, i must say

  9. tide pods
    tide pods 25 November 2019 05:47 Reply
    wb giorno
  10. stupid
    stupid 25 November 2019 07:30 Reply
    Wow, now i want to drink Clorox even more
    i drink 3 bottles a day, i dont know how im alive but fuck it, CLOROX
  11. Broken
    Broken 25 November 2019 10:00 Reply
    Dude you can fucking stop!? If you don't like this things gays just get out of here man, you are annoying here for me and for many of people here
  12. Broken
    Broken 26 November 2019 07:52 Reply
    Dude, please, im sorry for all the other messages that i send you, but it's annoying tha way you do all this things, and your jojos gays stuff
  13. Killer clean
    Killer clean 26 November 2019 14:47 Reply
    Did some one call me ??

    Oh hey i ran out of Clorox ineed more
  14. Guest bruh
    Guest bruh 27 November 2019 23:18 Reply
    Quit ruining the comics.
  15. I am have confusion
    I am have confusion 28 November 2019 03:21 Reply
    Ah yes clorox, my favourite energy drink
  16. Guest Someone
    Guest Someone 1 December 2019 03:03 Reply
    Giorno.. You have become what You swore to destroy..
  17. inkylore
    inkylore 25 August 2021 03:22 Reply

    i get the feeling the poster enjoys finding this kinda stuff and pretending he's sicken by it just to get the reaction

  18. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 25 August 2021 03:59 Reply

    This comic is telling me something to do but I think my serpent blue card gives me foresight 

  19. TriKurrDurr
    TriKurrDurr 25 August 2021 04:35 Reply