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9S x YorHa Commander

Artist: alexanderdinh
Parody: nier automata

18 pages
31 248
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (5)
  1. Lord DIO
    Lord DIO 17 November 2019 03:06 Reply
    Finally, through the power of my stand, ZA WARUDO, I was able to beat Giorno to the comments
  2. Murcury
    Murcury 17 November 2019 06:58 Reply
    you both fail to realize
    I am the anti-story teller
  3. Joseph Joestar (Jojo)
    Joseph Joestar (Jojo) 17 November 2019 07:14 Reply
    I disliked the comic... No nut joke.... 
  4. peakcomedy
    peakcomedy 18 November 2019 02:40 Reply
    wow this comic section is very hilarious, it make me laugh because of the funny characters from the funny anime JoJo's Bizarre adventures are here very comedic
  5. CortneyB
    CortneyB 29 March 2020 12:12 Reply
    good comic