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Planned Ahead

Artist: fred perry
Planned Ahead

8 pages
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (17)
  1. Blackstone
    Blackstone 3 May 2019 18:53 Reply
    Funny ending
  2. Satin 2.0
    Satin 2.0 4 May 2019 00:59 Reply
    I now know how to rais my army...

    1. God 3.0
      God 3.0 4 May 2019 10:11 Reply
      You fool! We already thought of this!
      What do you think we've been doing with all the spare heroes that end up here?
  3. zedos
    zedos 4 May 2019 06:40 Reply
    Hey Urbosa? Your vagrant brand have a name? I'd like to get some.
  4. Hentai Specialist
    Hentai Specialist 29 May 2019 10:05 Reply
    This is some 10/10 shit some of the best hentai on the site if you ask me 
  5. Guest Anonymous
    Guest Anonymous 26 June 2019 01:45 Reply
    Ok. Liked it. But  if link was 17 when they fucked him, why would he have gray hair at 37
    1. X
      X 26 August 2020 09:35 Reply
      Stress can cause premature greying on people, and having four wives to sate and four children to raise, and teach them combat, not exactly easy going.
  6. Zelda fan geek
    Zelda fan geek 23 August 2019 15:25 Reply
    To the person that asked about gray hair, ever heard of fierce deity link?
  7. Whomst the fuck
    Whomst the fuck 26 August 2019 12:42 Reply
    The fuck yes reminded me of Danny
  8. Alastor
    Alastor 31 December 2019 05:08 Reply
  9. Sugar Plum 2.0
    Sugar Plum 2.0 19 June 2021 12:42 Reply
    I just imagine Ganon standing on a perch doing that one DIO pose waiting for link to arrive only to see this shit.
  10. Гость Karl
    Гость Karl 25 August 2021 00:33 Reply

    Should make a sequel of Mipha and Zelda having their share. This is a good one