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My Hero Academia -Teamwork

Artist: fred perry
My Hero Academia -Teamwork

10 pages
198 462
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (33)
  1. Guest Master
    Guest Master 11 March 2019 18:52 Reply
    Make more
    1. Sugar Plum 2.0
      Sugar Plum 2.0 26 June 2021 15:14 Reply

      no u

  2. Pip
    Pip 12 March 2019 06:21 Reply
    Make more

    1. Sugar Plum 2.0
      Sugar Plum 2.0 26 June 2021 15:15 Reply

      no u 2

  3. Guest
    Guest 13 March 2019 04:14 Reply
    Monopolies pleeeeeaaaaseee

    That was an auto correct, it was supposed to be Mooooooooore Pleeeeeeeaaaase
    1. Your name:
      Your name: 4 August 2019 06:49 Reply
      I like monopolies more
  4. Nutpolice259747
    Nutpolice259747 20 March 2019 06:51 Reply
    Make tsuyu have dekus child

    1. Oof
      Oof 23 April 2019 02:51 Reply
      Ok, wtf?
  5. Riku
    Riku 10 July 2019 09:53 Reply
    make another  my hero academia 
  6. Artsins
    Artsins 20 July 2019 13:26 Reply
    Your art is absolutely amazing keep on drawing with your hearts content and hot comic XD
  7. ILobejaj
    ILobejaj 8 August 2019 00:21 Reply
    Omfg this is so SEXXY
  8. ElRouspetto
    ElRouspetto 8 August 2019 05:15 Reply
    It's really excellent, I encourage (beg) you to do more stuff with Deku and Froppy. But I was a litttle bit frustrated by the end (even if the idea of them enjoying the other's quirk: we don't have neither a superb ending cumshot nor some beautiful drawings of them fucking passionately showing how much they enjoy the moment and love the other one.
    But excepting this negative point, it's absolutely awesome. Well done for this admirable work !

    (I'm sorry if there's some mistakes in my sentences, I'm french, and not so good in english)
  9. Frank
    Frank 27 September 2019 08:48 Reply
    yes please More pgs plz I wanna see asui make Deku cum in.
  10. Joe mama
    Joe mama 29 September 2019 16:00 Reply
    She hit him with that vacuum Seal double hand twitch gawk gawk combo 3000
  11. Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 22 December 2019 18:14 Reply
    Can we get one with Ura and Mido, comrade?
  12. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 17 February 2020 23:27 Reply
    I wonder what that position is called
  13. GoGos Mediocre quest
    GoGos Mediocre quest 1 March 2020 09:36 Reply
    Inverted Doggy Style I believe. All I know is I tried it once and it almost broke my dick. Never again. Let me know how it works out for you though
  14. Reetrifter
    Reetrifter 28 March 2020 08:09 Reply
    More plez
  15. ...
    ... 2 April 2020 00:21 Reply
    you should do ururaka and momo next
  16. Domenic Paul Aliotti Jr.
    Domenic Paul Aliotti Jr. 6 April 2020 00:43 Reply
    Deku x Froppy
  17. idk
    idk 24 May 2020 20:50 Reply
    you should make black clover hentai, if you've watched the series. you don't have to,but it'd be hot- asta and mimosa, or noelle, or something
  18. Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog 31 July 2020 08:50 Reply
    i claim this

  19. Guest Lol
    Guest Lol 26 August 2020 16:55 Reply
    It's so good like hell good make more pls it's so good 

  20. Kitty the mage
    Kitty the mage 24 September 2020 07:37 Reply
  21. sexy girl
    sexy girl 22 November 2020 04:39 Reply
    If you are reading this comment your parnets are going to die within 5 years. To undo this curse you to copy this and paste it on 5 other mangas.giorn 
  22. Turquoise
    Turquoise 12 March 2021 09:28 Reply
    Pretty good and sorta funny, I'd give it like an 8/10
  23. Guest Stonks guy
    Guest Stonks guy 13 March 2021 14:51 Reply
  24. Sugar Plum 2.0
    Sugar Plum 2.0 26 June 2021 15:23 Reply

    Deku goes from getting molested by that slime villain to beating him in this comic with one punch using the powers an old man handed to him by putting his parts in him.

    Character Development.