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  1. RandomJoJoFan
    28 March 2024 18:11

    Gooshooter how do you keep getting newer and weirder fetishes

    please don't devolve into having a feet fetish btw

    1. Gooshooter
      28 March 2024 19:28

      Imma be real with ya, I use to watch foot fetish videos. . .

      1. Half blind jackass
        Half blind jackass
        28 March 2024 21:15

        The fact that you don't do that anymore brings me some hope

      2. Guest shut up
        Guest shut up
        31 March 2024 10:32

        site is full of futa and people getting rammed in their shit pipe and ya'll are ashamed of liking women's feet.

        fuckin silly 

    2. Guest Retard
      Guest Retard
      31 March 2024 10:28

      Yeah women's feet are sooooo gross 

      Fucking virgin retard

  2. Smart ass
    Smart ass
    28 March 2024 22:08

    Ew no futanari allowed get off here

  3. Cross Uchiha
    Cross Uchiha
    29 March 2024 10:26

    Alright, listen here Smart ass. I don't care what you think, this is a porn/hentai comic website. Anything goes, if you don't like it, fuck off and go somewhere else. 

    I have been a shadow in this website from way back when it was xcartx. I have seen the Claim War, the Pokemon invasion, the new ui, the rise of videos, and I'm fucking tired of these new users like you who complain about a post because it doesn't suit your baby needs. It's a porn site, it's meant to have fucked up shit because it's a form of release. 

    People who bottle shit down end up committing crimes because they get overwhelmed by their desires. It's why Pandora opened the box despite being told no, it's why an artist can make fucked up shit and get popular.

    Also hi Gooshooter.

    1. Eternal observer
      Eternal observer
      31 March 2024 10:54

      As a fellow lurker, I fully agree