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  1. Guest Thirdy
    Guest Thirdy
    28 March 2024 22:52

    After years on this site since 2019 I think you're postings are becoming mandatory and you feel lonely because there aren't as much people as there was in 2023 or 2022 for example. I miss Trikurrdurr, I miss Dio and Giorno, I'm shocked enough that I'd say it but I miss Satan, I miss god and the other hooligans that I forgot to mention

    1. Sugar Plum
      Sugar Plum
      28 March 2024 23:29

      Kind of. A lot of people have moved on and that does make me a little sad, but I set a goal to retire once I hit 1,000 posts and I can't hit 1,000 posts without posting :>

      1. SIR bored
        SIR bored
        28 March 2024 23:41

        I think I’m going to”retire” too soon because it’s not what it used to be

  2. TionH
    29 March 2024 04:22

    Well either way, you guys have gotten me through the for all those years, don’t know why I decided to make an account now all of a sudden. But if retirement is uh callin… O7 thank you for your service.