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  1. cunt lover
    cunt lover
    15 March 2024 19:28

    A bit too much feet

    1. Mark-O
      15 March 2024 20:12

      You know it's really ironic that you call yourself "Cunt Lover" but most of the time your responding on futa articles, I mean I understand freedom of speech but speech involves you hating chick's with dicks. The best things for you to do is simply ignore it but I'm guessing your not going to. So instead of calling yourself "Cunt Lover" is should be "Futa Lover" because that seems to be your kink. It's seems you have secret love and hate for futa related subjects. Most common word for coexistence of love and hate for something/someone in psychology is Affection Ambivalence. You hate futa but secretly love it but hey it's just my opinion and observation really but take this too personal you can love to hate something anyway you want.

  2. Guest of guests
    Guest of guests
    2 May 2024 09:45

    Womp Womp