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  1. Guest Timmy
    Guest Timmy
    17 January 2024 00:03

    W fap

    1. W fap
  2. Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum
    17 January 2024 02:54

    I used to not understand why everyone hated this artist, but then they cucked Luigi and that is an unforgivable sin. 

    1. Funny Monkey
      Funny Monkey
      17 January 2024 05:03

      yeah people don't like this artist primarily for the cucking and ntr

  3. Defective terminator
    Defective terminator
    17 January 2024 05:03

    Didnt realize we would be getting political! 

  4. Griiddos
    19 January 2024 22:43

    Another attempt to deceive anons into emotions through ntr and "Q" activity. In general, it’s a pity, the author has an excellent visual style and he can draw normal things (even this happened in this collection). It’s sad, that such resources are spent on not even the best NTR, but the cheapest one I’ve ever seen. It's not even disgusting or terrible, just very stupid and straightforward. Pity, very pity.