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Artist: jlullaby
Parody: rwby

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (31)
  1. Dat boi
    Dat boi 1 June 2018 12:44 Reply
    Not my proudest fap
  2. yeet
    yeet 2 June 2018 07:59 Reply
    this shit made my ears hurt
    1. yeet2
      yeet2 19 February 2019 19:20 Reply
      mine too
  3. Seven-Eleven
    Seven-Eleven 2 June 2018 08:56 Reply
    That's hella gay, the dicks are touching inside her brain
    1. Newmew
      Newmew 20 November 2019 09:45 Reply
      It only gay if the balls slap
  4. Angel of Sex
    Angel of Sex 6 June 2018 19:10 Reply
    Not my proudest fap

  5. Hupomux
    Hupomux 5 July 2018 15:47 Reply
    Not my proudest fap too  :request:
  6. Bossman
    Bossman 18 November 2018 22:33 Reply
    Dat bullshit is crazy... what anime is that anyway
    1. Jarell king
      Jarell king 13 April 2019 23:26 Reply

      That anime was rwby
      1. You dumb cunt
        You dumb cunt 7 November 2019 09:17 Reply
        It’s only gay if the balls touch.
  7. jimbo
    jimbo 8 February 2019 22:10 Reply
    >-> uhh wut in tarnaton
  8. Killme
    Killme 14 March 2019 18:42 Reply
  9. The Judge
    The Judge 16 April 2019 22:15 Reply
    Is this? 
  10. No
    No 29 June 2019 04:28 Reply
    Hot damn!!
  11. Guest
    Guest 6 July 2019 05:11 Reply
    Oh god she's gonna get brain cancer
  12. Guest person
    Guest person 15 August 2019 20:25 Reply
    I guess you could say they... FUCKED HER BRAINs out! i'll leave
    1. No
      No 15 September 2019 19:57 Reply
      yes please do
  13. Wynter X
    Wynter X 23 February 2020 07:51 Reply
  14. wdnmd
    wdnmd 19 April 2020 05:15 Reply
    1. 我真的是hight到不行了
      我真的是hight到不行了 23 August 2020 15:32 Reply
      smile hhh
    2. Jexcel
      Jexcel 10 December 2021 09:18 Reply


  15. you die day
    you die day 16 May 2020 13:17 Reply
    what the fuck

  16. Guest Bruh moment
    Guest Bruh moment 20 July 2020 20:01 Reply
    Boi that’s not how the ear canals work. It’s called mind fuck cause they are fucking her brain. The dicks ain’t touching 
  17. DigitalArt56
    DigitalArt56 11 October 2020 21:17 Reply
    sorry i gota little blood in my ears
  18. Johnathan joestar
    Johnathan joestar 31 December 2020 05:43 Reply
    What is this?
  19. Hyllus
    Hyllus 25 July 2021 00:42 Reply

    some random person: hey whats that in your ears

    her: cum

    the random guy: how the fuck is cum in your ears

    her: runs away

  20. Гость bro
    Гость bro 2 September 2021 02:05 Reply

    dude how the fuck aint she dead?

    this is not even physically possible but if it did happen she'd die while cum and blood is leaking from her ears

    and how'd they fit the whole thing in?

    wait how;'d they get passed her skull?

    mindfucking is not possible unless some guy can fucking ram his dick through some girl's skull if that happens. then she dies

    but if not she'd walk about with ruptured ears and goes deaf into whatever ear was fucked

    i mean whichever fucking gosh

  21. White Pee Dispenser
    White Pee Dispenser 2 September 2021 02:23 Reply

    bro you look like you had a stroke halfway through writing all that

    anyways you're right she would go deaf in whichever ear was fucked but how that happens is if you could possibly have your dick enter someone's ear and fuck it then the dick would push the TM in the ear which would affect the Malleus and the Incus

    but they would move in which they're not supposed to so that would partially deafen said fucked ear

    also if you go too hard, the Staples could cut the Semicircular Canals and cause internal bleeding

    if that happens, the other ear organs that wouldn't have been affected otherwise would be stuck so that would make the fucked ear go completely deaf and cause extreme pain

    so yeah 👍