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R&R with Dromarch

Since Christmas is coming up (pun not intended) I'm gonna keep the swearing to a minimum anyway, here's my rant about Rule34 (possibly other sites too).
I low-key hate their rules bruh, like for example, you can't say “Kill yourself ” or “Die” to people yet you can get away with having offensive usernames and comments like that's just not fair. One time, I said the mods need to do a better job at keeping the comments “clean” and I got a frickin warning for m a k i n g s e n s e. They even allow racial slurs and references in porn and speech bubbles yet they frown on loli and shota. You give the artists the slightest criticism even a constructive neutral opinion on even ONE of their posts and they act frickin childish. Now for the thing I hate the most, double standards ! Imma keep it short though.
Male x loli = everyone riots
Shota × female = no one cares
Female x dog or horse = fewer hate
Male x dog or horse = lots of hate
Black male x white female = (this one's obvious)
White male x black female = that's ok
Mom x Son = yes
Father x Daughter = no
Sister x brother= cool
This just makes me a bit relieved that weird ass people that jerk off to most things exist but the only thing people agree on is death,gore is horrible but I forgot, there are A LOT of sick fucks out there jerking of to the posts of NNN.

Added byGooshooter
11 Nov 2023
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  1. Gooshooter
    12 November 2023 00:38

    Felt good to get that off my chest. Anyway this is Toxici-Pea, he's my evil twin

  2. cockgaming
    12 November 2023 01:35

    gooshooter i think you just need to go outside and talk to real people this is shit nobody cares abt

    1. Gooshooter
      12 November 2023 02:04

      It's too cold outside.

      1. Emptinessand
        12 November 2023 02:17

        First of all go outside. (There are better thing to worry about than this) Second most of the things people don't like are because they are usually common irl  or crimes such as male and loli, male x animal and father x daughter as such they are seen on a much worse light compared to the other ones. Third offensive usernames are much harder to regulate as they are usually bypasses which only a human can recognize and banning one just spawns two more (like a hydra). Fourth, if the artist was drawing porn you can probably expect them to be a little tweaked in the head.

        Tl dr: people are hard to understand.

        1. Uncle Tee
          Uncle Tee
          12 November 2023 05:06

          Booooo! Be funnyy!!

  3. Kira Yoshikage (temp)
    Kira Yoshikage (temp)
    12 November 2023 03:46

    Exactly why I dislike r34 sites.

  4. Funny man
    Funny man
    12 November 2023 10:19

    Oh you silly goo. Your comment is both valid and reasonable, but porn in general doesn’t really care about double standards and is not your fault for this. Shame and reason and logic just get pushed to the side in these posts things since they let there lower half decided instead of their head. What’s worse is that sites like r34 only want to prevent topics like Loli and shota posts only to prevent legal trouble. If they’re reputation was less known and was less public they would post such images in a heartbeat. I suggest you get rid of the moniton what is right or wrong when it comes to porn. Not because there is not right or wrong, but rather because they want to ignore such things to get free porn. Have a good one anonymous users!

  5. Professional dumbass
    Professional dumbass
    13 November 2023 05:24

    Iirc they only care about shota and loli due to advertisers not liking it (but they're totally fine with gore and horses fucking)