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  1. Guest IwantLegs
    Guest IwantLegs
    9 September 2023 01:03

    Goofy ahh

    Idk man

  2. KYS keep yourself safe
    KYS keep yourself safe
    9 September 2023 10:27

    Anyone who's seriously into she-males or futas are such degenerates. I would like to tell those people to kill themselves for the sake of the world, but that'd probably be a bit too harsh, so instead I will simply implore those people to not have kids, so they won't spread their cursed genes.

    1. Guest Melìs
      Guest Melìs
      9 September 2023 10:35

      I implore you to not judge people since I'm sure that you're not a holy figure of any kind. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more lesbian porn to look up.

    2. Guest Mammeta
      Guest Mammeta
      9 September 2023 12:06

      This suggestion doesn't hold a lot of weight coming from you and your 1 and half inch of emasculated penis. Go try and impregnate a woman instead of shitting your diaper over fictional women manlier than you'll ever be lil' faggot dick

      1. Ohh he mad
        Ohh he mad
        9 September 2023 22:47

        Looks like someone is projecting lmao

    3. TheOneWhoLurks
      14 September 2023 23:51

      If this shit bothers fr ngl, this ain't the site for you lil bro, we like girls with dicks and girly guys with nice asses. Idk if you ever noticed but yeah. I think this dude is a troll but either way he's a bum ass weirdo.

  3. The Heavy consuming a Sanvich
    The Heavy consuming a Sanvich
    11 September 2023 19:13

    Om nom nom nom

    (watches the small baby men argue in the comments peacefully)