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  1. iiReks
    6 September 2023 07:49

    Fellas is it gay?

  2. Debating thoughts
    Debating thoughts
    6 September 2023 09:15

    Based: it is not gay and is intended by God

    Sober:it technically isn't gay by the definition of don't touch balls

  3. ssjlagos307
    7 September 2023 00:04

    wait so is it like the dude was gay and asked the boy out when he was little and now that he’s a girl the boy is attracted to him 

  4. futanari IRL
    futanari IRL
    7 September 2023 14:39

    I think the implication is that Asagi is gay, and after the MC rejected him when they were young (holding a magic flower or some shit) and he became really bitter about it after they parted afterward (see "you forgot all about me"). After discovering the magic flower again, it grants him what he wants, to be with the MC, by making him into a girl the MC would find attractive.

    1. cunt lover
      cunt lover
      14 September 2023 17:07

      You eont get any say in this. You Futa loving cunt

  5. Hyjhh
    7 September 2023 21:19

    Great art but what the hell is with the gender bending bullshit? Just takes you right out it.

    1. Joe Seph Stalin
      Joe Seph Stalin
      Wednesday at 15:52

      Go somewhere else instead bitching about a gender bender hentai being a gender bender hentai.

  6. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest
    Sunday at 12:30

    Technically it’s not gay. In reality tho. Gay as fuck. Bro didn’t even change his name. That’s like fucking a girl named Doug.