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  1. Guest ZayecValentine
    Guest ZayecValentine
    10 April 2023 23:56

    there’s two ways this could end. A good ending and a very bad ending. 

  2. What the fuck
    What the fuck
    11 April 2023 02:17

    This is seriously fucked up and if you didn’t have some serious post-nut clarity after viewing this then you’re a menace to society

  3. Praveen
    11 April 2023 04:26

    amazing art great visuals artwork is amazing plot is amazing God tier comics in this website after a long time sabu ur art are amazing make more comics 

  4. An Old lurker
    An Old lurker
    11 April 2023 14:18

    this is the most well drawn fucked up porn I have ever seen idk if I should be impressed by the talent or disgusted by the mind of this artist 

  5. M o z z i 3
    M o z z i 3
    12 April 2023 01:36

    Ay, I'm on Sabu's Reddit (No wonder I get zero good bitches).
    This shit that new gas, on me.