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Wow. This website really changed while I was gone...

It's been a while guys and I really missed this place. I honestly have been lurking a little bit from time to time, so I'm not completely in the dark with what's been going on with the website and discord (RIP BTW). I really feel like this website is moving in the right direction with the new layout, search system, and comment upvote. I just hope this same vibrant community of commenters stay and bear with the bugs for right now (I hope they'll be patched in the month or so...).

I've been really busy lately with only a little bit of free-time here and there and haven't had much time for you guys. I'll have much more time in the summer, so for now just bear with a only a few uploads every couple months. Anyways, how have you guys been doing during my hiatus?

:) -KnightMan

P.S. John you still here man?
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05 Feb 2023
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  1. Why just why
    Why just why
    5 February 2023 16:30

    I've been great mate! Hope everything's going well for you!

  2. Juice Tank
    Juice Tank
    5 February 2023 22:45

    Thank you KnightMan ??

  3. KnightMan
    6 February 2023 08:18

    I totally forgot the gif...

    BTW how come everytime I comment have a huge space under it?

  4. Brain go brrr
    Brain go brrr
    6 February 2023 09:32

    Hah ayano and Yuuki. Nice.

  5. Israel Saenger
    Israel Saenger
    7 February 2023 12:16
    Dear admin, Your posts are always a great source of information.
  6. Owwuman
    16 July 2023 01:08