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A Married Couple, Ruffians, and a Student

[oilan (Yamada Tarou)] Fuufu to Yavai Yatsura to Gakusei to | A Married Couple, Ruffians, and a Student
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25 Jan 2023
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  1. Snack67
    25 January 2023 02:14

    i aint reading allat

  2. Johnnull
    25 January 2023 06:00

    Yeah, dont feel like reading this, can someone sum up the plot?

    1. Vigjar
      25 January 2023 15:01

      Guys raped the wife, husband doesn't do anything and is turned on, College Kid continues to rape His wife, she also doesn't do anything because ...

      Because she is a hoe I guess. College Kid Films the rape, husband has to edit and Upload it. And the Guys who initially raped and broke her do the same to other women as Business. 

      I only skimmed through the Comic, because I find that Shit Mad disgusting and I still feel sick 24 hours later. If I missed anything i am sorry, but you can Check the Last Like 5 pannels or Something, they have a whole roadmap there and explain the Relations and auch.

      1. Johnnull
        27 January 2023 23:49

        Thanks man.

  3. Pink Slip
    Pink Slip
    25 January 2023 06:26

    Sent notice. Watch out buhboi

  4. Joe Seph Stalin
    Joe Seph Stalin
    25 January 2023 15:46

    It seems Xlecx website is going through different phases, before was phase 1, XcartX green and white theme with green haired anime girl symbol, the golden age, next was Phase 2 Xlecx, the dark age or unstable age with new Vegas gommorrah symbol, and now phase 3 with their much more simplified phase 2 design retaining the colors a little bit reusing their old anime girl symbol, the stable Looking Age or uncertain age with inspiration from both phase 1 n 2 with improvements and downsides. Let's hope phase 3 will be better than phase 2.

    ( I already made a comment, but it seems that it can't take it due to how long it is, my original comment was 4000+ long...sad. hope they fix that so I can actually send my comment which is pretty damn good, it's about the websites history from my point of view, my experiences on the website, my constructive criticisms, suggestions, concerns and praise of this website etc )

    1. Joe Seph Stalin
      Joe Seph Stalin
      25 January 2023 16:09

      Wait a minute? Can I do this? Split my comment into parts to get around the limit?

      1. Joe Seph Stalin
        Joe Seph Stalin
        25 January 2023 16:11

        Part 1

        It seems Xlecx website is going through different phases of changes, before it was XcartX, with the green and white color or theme or aesthetic, with the green haired anime girl ( just like now with this new 3rd phase anime girl symbol though it's black and white), from my remembrance, XcartX was until 2017 and when I visited this website back then it was primarily about Hentai, no cartoon comic porns or anything. After that was Xlecx, with the black and pink/violet theme with the New Vegas Gomorrah symbol replacing the green haired anime girl, I'll call it phase 2, Phase 2 was this Websites very VERY rocky times, it's dark age in my opinion, XcartX or Phase 1 was it's Golden age, I call phase 2 the "dark age" not bcuz of it's content ( before when it was XcartX, it only had hentai, now it has porn comics n more ), but what was happening to the website, like so many ads like when you're clicking on the search button, screen, comics etc, purges of comics n hentais, and suspensions ( basically a ban like most Websites from YouTube to Facebook etc) of people's Xlecx accounts out of nowhere by server admins ( that's what it tells you anyway ) and no appeal or reason for the bans ( which made me and many others go to mainly to a Subreddit that said it was for Xlecx users, for some reason my account is suspended from that subreddit ) , as well as the website just crashing out of no where either showing errors, or a white screen and in the middle was a symbol of a monitor and cable saying "account suspended by server admin" ( by that point this "Joe Seph Stalin" account of mine had already been suspended, so this was incredibly weird, why would my account be suspended when I wasn't using my account? So I immediately assumed the website crashed again and it seems I was right ).

        1. Joe Seph Stalin
          Joe Seph Stalin
          25 January 2023 16:13

          Part 2

          now were in Phase 3,  Year 2023, with the website going back to its roots a little bit ( I hope it goes back to its "Stable" roots ) by bringing back the old anime girl they once used, though it's just black and white now, and it seems there aren't any ads anymore as far as I can tell, when I click on the search button, no ads, the comics, no ads and so on unlike phase 2, and they've redesigned the website with a new theme similar to Phase 2 but different a little, much "cleaner" design and bringing back thing's from Phase 1 namely the anime girl symbol, like that of big companies simplifying their symbols and themes or aesthetic or looks like Firefox or the Microsoft symbol etc, there's been many changes that are very welcome and some that in my opinion I don't welcome, No annoying ads or at least not as much ads as before? I welcome that, not being able to access some comics or hentai without an account? ( Basically a form of age restriction like what YouTube did to make people make accounts back then to this day ) Like some comics or hentais that primarily revolve around controversial things like Lolis? N probably more that I don't know of ( With some exceptions like Npc Rape and so on that aren't primarily about lolis but involve them) I don't like that, Especially since we're still early on into Phase 3, I'm not sure if the whole problem of the admins just suspending (Permanent banning) accounts without reason, without transparency and a way to appeal or get the accounts unsuspend fast, has been solved, you could make an account just to view something that isn't allowed for anonymous users and you get suspended out of no where, or the site crashes again, waste of effort and time, the only thing you get is frustration and stress, let's hope phase 3 is this Websites more "stable" era, many around the world rely on Xlecx for their porn comics and hentais, it's a damn good Pornsite, ever since I found it I've been coming back over and over, let's hope for the best for Xlecx, I want to see it thrive and prosper, maybe when I'm a grandpa it'll still be here haha 😂👌 I made this comment as a sort of, documentation? ( Is that the word to use ), my opinions about the website, my experiences and my history with it. There's probably more I've left out, maybe in the future I'll update this, this website still needs updates imo, like maybe an information or guide as to how to use some of the websites features and many more.

  5. kodkarma
    26 January 2023 16:58

    Bros writing the bible 💀