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  1. Jimmy williams
    Jimmy williams
    20 November 2022 08:24

    Im jimmy williams and i approve this message

  2. Gooshooter
    20 November 2022 14:08

    D&D Character sheet

    Name: Gooshooter

    Height: 4"5 ft.

    Weight: 105 pounds

    Species: Poisonous Druid

    Health: 90

    Strength: 50

    Speed: 30

    Defense: 10

    Biography: A plant creature who can shoot poisonous goo at the undead creatures (mostly zombies) and his owner Crazy Dave let's him on the field often cause of his enthusiasm and ability to kill large zombies with just 3 shots. In spite of all that, he's not like the other goo plants; he likes to have sex but most plants don't fuck him but humans on the other hand. He enjoys both male and female interactions and he experienced sex on both ends and he loved it. 

    1. Comic adventurer
      Comic adventurer
      22 November 2022 03:09

      How is a plant 4"5

    2. Geometry Dash Loser
      Geometry Dash Loser
      22 November 2022 06:33

      4"5 ft is some terrible formatting my dood, try 4' 5" because you most likely wanted to say 4 feet 5 inches in some way shape or form

  3. Alien fucker
    Alien fucker
    22 November 2022 18:40

    My character sheet isn't complicated but instead of aliens, I fuck monsters.