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Lustful Hole

Artist: johnny19-1
Parody: ben 10
Lustful Hole

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. loli_collector69
    loli_collector69 20 September 2022 20:26 Reply

    is this a remaster or something?

    1. Kuri
      Kuri 21 September 2022 04:07 Reply

      Think so?

      1. Hi
        Hi 21 September 2022 19:53 Reply

        Hi how re you doing

    2. .
      . 21 September 2022 07:01 Reply

      There's two different artists who made the comic this is one of them

  2. P2AD
    P2AD 20 September 2022 22:00 Reply

    Was it Ben? Or was it an imposter? 

    To be continued..->

  3. Kuri
    Kuri 21 September 2022 04:07 Reply

    There's the original

  4. Guest Anonymous
    Guest Anonymous 21 September 2022 18:37 Reply

    I can't tell whether it's actually Ben.

    Shoe colour's different, but the watch is present in an image.

    What'd you guys think?

    1. Detective Anonymous
      Detective Anonymous 22 September 2022 09:49 Reply

      Upon further review, the original comic's intent was that Ben didn't know it was Gwen. However, in this one, it could be Ben from an alternative universe. Seeing as how the shoes of Ben at the table are deliberately different from the clearly displayed ones.

      Would also explain the watch.