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Naruto The Real Hokage

Artist: felsala
Parody: naruto
Naruto The Real Hokage

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Comments (4)
  1. Some dude
    Some dude 15 September 2022 07:22 Reply

    I was like "yeah!! A new Naruto comic!!" And then I saw the artist and I knew this would be bad. I mean the story's are good it's the art that sucks 

  2. Not creamy
    Not creamy 15 September 2022 20:37 Reply


    1. Some dude
      Some dude 16 September 2022 05:30 Reply

      That's what I'm saying 

  3. Jiro from Brawlhalla
    Jiro from Brawlhalla 18 September 2022 07:08 Reply

    bruh wtf is this