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Zombie & Creeper Chick

Artist: profannytea
Parody: minecraft
Enderman X ZombieGirl
By, Gooshooter
After the birth of the very first Ender hybrid, the other Endermen went in other directions in search of female mobs to impregnate. One of them teleported to the forest and in his peripherals,a thicc Zombie chick was wandering around looking for some brains to munch on. This female zombie wasn't like the other girls, she was smart enough to sneak when iron golems are distracted but her only flaw is that her pants slide down her revealing most of her fat ass but that was perfect for the Enderman. He teleported infront of the undead lady and they were chattin' a bit.
"Urrh ?"
"Wut's up ?"
"Bruhhh ?"
"Wan' breed ?"
I'm pretty sure the Zombie said no but that wasn't gonna stop the Enderman he tried to convince her many times but she was busy cause a villager caught her eye and she chased him 3 Minecraft miles and when she finally caught up to the villager, she was right near a Pillager outpost and as usual the Pillagers were trying to attack the Villager and one of them shot Zombie girl in the back and she socked the pillager and bit his head making the pillager scream loudly the other pillagers were too focused on the villager to care, they left them alone and she was feasting on pillager brain. The enderman teleported back and saw Zombie girl's ass was exposed and without warning, he started fucking her without consent. She was still eating some of the pillager but she also felt pleasure (which is something she hasn't in a looooong time).After a few Minecraft hours, he teleported themselves under a tree so she doesn't die. The sun rises and the Enderman stays to watch Zombie give birth and she gave birth to 2 Ender Zombie hybrid babies. The Enderman teleports away but the Zombie takes her babies into a cave to take good care of them.(She'll even raise them to attack villagers. . .and pillagers).

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Comments (5)
  1. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 27 August 2022 20:49 Reply

    Long story short, Enderman wants to smash but Zombie girl wants to eat brains.

    Next: Enderman X Witch

    Then: Enderman X Female Villager

    Later: Enderman X Horse (female)

    Afterwards: Enderman X Cod and Salmon

    1. Pro idiot
      Pro idiot 28 August 2022 00:01 Reply

      Enderman x horse you say?

  2. Some dude
    Some dude 27 August 2022 23:33 Reply

    This ain't wholesome it's weird 

  3. Mr.GB
    Mr.GB 28 August 2022 20:58 Reply

    Well, i find this wholesome and nice.

    1. Some dude
      Some dude 29 August 2022 21:28 Reply

      Good for you