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Team Bonding

Artist: blackwhiplash
Parody: demon slayer
Team Bonding

Demon slayer porn ya know what this is and uhh Giorono texted meh I guess he's back so expect some crazy shit from him again.


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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (11)
  1. Jiro from Brawlhalla
    Jiro from Brawlhalla 16 August 2022 13:45 Reply

    ooooohhh that last panel is heavenly

  2. Guest Jack shit
    Guest Jack shit 16 August 2022 14:45 Reply

    Ummm, hey Giorno?

  3. Pokemon guy
    Pokemon guy 16 August 2022 15:02 Reply

    Indeed it is heavenly 

  4. M o z z i 3
    M o z z i 3 16 August 2022 15:38 Reply


  5. Random from Brawlhalla
    Random from Brawlhalla 16 August 2022 15:56 Reply

    Why are you here jiro

  6. Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 16 August 2022 18:42 Reply

    The Return

  7. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 17 August 2022 00:10 Reply

    Let’s get it.

  8. Some dude
    Some dude 17 August 2022 06:51 Reply

    No oh God this is cursed

  9. One of the boys
    One of the boys 21 August 2022 11:36 Reply

    Welcome back Giorno!

  10. Tanjirō kamado
    Tanjirō kamado 22 August 2022 17:29 Reply

    Oh shit nezuko I need you here 

  11. That Dude....
    That Dude.... 4 September 2022 01:23 Reply

    My qeustion is... If it is so cursed- why do people read it? Also I'm a huge fan of demon slayer and I some what I enjoy this... Keep it up