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Saishuu Kessen! Yuusha VS Maou

Artist: announ
Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, but is there a reason WHY she turned evil??? :^) -KnightMan
Saishuu Kessen! Yuusha VS Maou

This mf saved the world lol

I was gonna post something different today but it was already on the website. But it was so good I think others should check it out again. I Picked Up a Succubus Who Failed to Get a Job
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (4)
  1. John-117
    John-117 28 July 2022 18:43 Reply

    KnightMan, you’re right. There was no explanation that was put into words on why she became evil.

  2. Kuri
    Kuri 28 July 2022 18:56 Reply

    One of the better comics on this website, 9/10 because we didn't get to see more 

  3. Unit4545
    Unit4545 29 July 2022 10:31 Reply

    great shit 9.5/10, keep it up bro

  4. Jiro from Brawlhalla
    Jiro from Brawlhalla 2 August 2022 05:48 Reply

    thats cute