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Silver Soul Vol. 13 Bloodlines

Artist: matemi
Parody: pokemon
Hello everyone :D İt's me An Ordinary human being, I just couldn't make access my old account so I had to make a new one. Anyways here is long awaited Silver Soul volume 13! Hope you guys will enjoy it :]

-An Ordinary Human Being

Silver Soul Vol. 13 Bloodlines

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Comments (6)
  1. Doom Shroom
    Doom Shroom 1 July 2022 19:19 Reply

    Always good to see a silver soul comic 10/10

    1. Siry
      Siry 13 July 2022 12:35 Reply

      But now we have to wait for another one:(

  2. Kuri
    Kuri 2 July 2022 00:41 Reply had it more than half of this out for months, 9/10 comic. kcalB Approves

    1. An ordinary human being 2.0

      I didn't want to update this comic every week with the schedule, so I just wanted until İt's done and posted it. There's bonus pages coming soon too

  3. KnightMan
    KnightMan 2 July 2022 01:52 Reply

    I think he was waiting for it all to be out bc I saw it somewhere else as well.

  4. Guest Xurkitree
    Guest Xurkitree 2 July 2022 03:31 Reply

    Wait so it actually ends on 124? Dang.