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Arezu (Pokémon LEGENDS アルセウス) | [ ジュナジュナジュース] ポ〇モンひなつ

Artist: juna juna juice
Parody: pokemon


Arezu (Pokémon LEGENDS アルセウス) | [ ジュナジュナジュース] ポ〇モンひなつ

УННВ - Лунная соната

Перевёл 英語
я хз если честно, возможно это ник переводчика, а так похуй.
УННВ круто.

By the way, zis is my 50th publication, yay!

Приятного просмотра

Ex mastutbari ad mastutbari.

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Comments (3)
  1. Guest John doe
    Guest John doe 9 May 2022 21:46 Reply

    I love the kind of woman that will actually just kill me 

    You know, when I left the house today I was thinking "Damn,"

    "I really hope some hot chick paints my brains all over some fucking hallway."

    And here we are.

    I mean really , just absolutely destroy me.

    I'm talkin' full on, watermelon-in-the-thighs level carnage.

    And I want it to scare the shit outta me.

    I mean I hope I piss myself. I hope I piss myself and you call me our little "peepee pisspiss boy."

    I want you to fuck me up.I  mean I want you to make me your bitch.Your little peepee-piss-myself-bitch.I want it to get embarrassing. I mean like... wierdly embarrassing Unsanitary, too.We should be entirely different people,by the end of the first eight hours.Do you understand what I'm trying to say here?I mean, I'm a real freak. I'm not normal.



    You have to crush me.

    1. Lavovampa
      Lavovampa 10 May 2022 00:29 Reply

      Dude, John, my dear, visit some day, you'll like eit... 

      1. Lavovampa
        Lavovampa 10 May 2022 00:30 Reply

        Especially the /b tred