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That time I was pinned against a vending machine by a large wolf (then fucked)

That time I was pinned against a vending machine by a large wolf (then fucked)

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. Mr.GB
    Mr.GB 5 May 2022 20:01 Reply

    N O I C E

  2. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear and Baker

    Angry baking noises*

    1. F
      F 12 May 2022 14:46 Reply

      What are you baking?cookies?

  3. I’m everywhere
    I’m everywhere 6 May 2022 04:02 Reply

    I didn’t read the comic, just wanted to say hi!

    1. KnightMan
      KnightMan 6 May 2022 06:59 Reply

      Hi :)

  4. Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage 6 May 2022 23:40 Reply

    The title just explains what happens in the comic. You dont even have to view this shit. Just use your imagination. 

    Also the person that made this is an idiot for making that title

    1. KnightMan
      KnightMan 7 May 2022 23:36 Reply

      So if I told you I had a 2ft long penis you would believe me without any evidence?

    2. ultrabondagefairy
      ultrabondagefairy 8 May 2022 01:55 Reply

      Hello! I'm the artist who drew this comic. I wanted to have fun with the title, since it's just some silly smut for people to get off to. For my next comic, I'll make sure the title doesn't give away any of the secrets within. 

      To say thanks for your advice, Kira Yoshikage, I'll make sure to have some extra nice hand shots and I'll include your favorite sandwich store.

      1. Guest The Mailman
        Guest The Mailman 8 May 2022 18:43 Reply

        I have a delivery for a UltraBondageFairy,

        Your shipment of 84,206,729 label makers has arrived

        Please sign here to confirm your delivery has arrived