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Just a Friend

Artist: iskra
Just a Friend

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear and Baker many times must I fall before I tell you...I'm not a many times must a bleed before this furry curse must end!...I climbed up the mountain!! Only for the man to live!! How many breads must I make before the furrys will leave me alone....for I am a man!! I bleed I grow hair on the most awkward places!! I have an awesome beard!! And I shall spit on the furrys face before I die as a man!! Not a furry!!

    1. ViolentBadger
      ViolentBadger 5 May 2022 08:09 Reply

      Hey guess what…

      no one asked

  2. Dank daddy James
    Dank daddy James 3 May 2022 22:55 Reply

    hi my name is AUHHHH winstead im AUGHHHHHH (seventeen years old and i am) very similar to you did i mention to you that i am AUGGHHHHHH of girls pushed me down a sewer

  3. ok im a furry
    ok im a furry 4 May 2022 01:06 Reply

    Bro you knew what this was when you opened it. You're not the victim here. That's like walking into a kkk rally and being surprised when people are racist. Furrys gonna furry.

    1. Gaymer
      Gaymer 4 May 2022 04:31 Reply

      First of all, it was a joke so calm tf down, and second dont compare a shitty porno to the fucking kkk.

  4. Arkunus
    Arkunus 4 May 2022 01:57 Reply

    Yeah dude what the fuck were you expecting? Why are you reading this? What reason you have to read this? No one is forcing you. Read what you like only and let us enjoy our comics

  5. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear and Baker

    Jesus no one gets the joke of "im not a furry" calm down everyone it's not like I made a long ass block of text to say im not a furry 

  6. cosmo
    cosmo 5 May 2022 07:09 Reply

    ima furry

  7. Anime_Girl
    Anime_Girl Yesterday, 15:34 Reply