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The other day GTA 4 was completely passed by me. It's just adorable, I haven't played something like this for a very long time. So... now I will add some tracks from my favorite radio stations to the MiEnE publications. And remember: "K109: Disco never dies! The music of the days when Liberty City was fun."

Regarding manga, it's peculiar, I generally publish it only to collect statistics on the number of publications and share cool music with you

Бля, прошёл четвёртую гта на днях, просто заебись.
На моем компе, работающем на дровах и ветоши всё шло по 15-30 кадров, но это было просто охуенно.
Аккуратно, манга с бисексуалами очень странными лесбухами.
Вот вам немного музычки:
Reika to Reiji

Don Ray - Standing In The Rain

Перевёл CGrascal
Приятного просмотра

Ex mastutbari ad mastutbari. [/center]

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18 Apr 2022
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    I was here to blow my load ,not my brain.