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PLEASE FUCK ME - Tail x Cream(Xtra Story)

Artist: dex-star

PLEASE FUCK ME - Tail x Cream(Xtra Story)

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (17)
  1. Icon of sin
    Icon of sin 10 April 2022 15:02 Reply

    An interesting act of sin, some may say questionable but I claim this for the demons of hell

    1. KnightMan
      KnightMan 11 April 2022 02:48 Reply

      This man's pfp is scary :o

  2. SRA
    SRA 10 April 2022 15:59 Reply

    El siguiente puede ser de sonic y blaze por favor 

  3. King Zaku
    King Zaku 10 April 2022 20:47 Reply

    When the floodgates open...

  4. ChaosKnight57
    ChaosKnight57 10 April 2022 21:34 Reply

    This question I am a field expert in. My favorite Robot Sonic is a tie between two unused robot Sonics found in Sonic Adventure and Sonic The Fighters. In Sonic Adventure in Eggman's Ship you can find an unused Robot Sonic sealed away. The design seems to be heavily inspired by Mecha Godzilla, with its eyes and chest plate looking identical. In Sonic the Fighters, the opening cutscene shows what appears to be a Rocket like Metal Sonic Flying through space around the Death Egg. People have referred to him as Rocket Metal Sonic, but its textures show is has the name "Mecha Sonic No. 23" printed on its side.

    Those are my favorite Robot Sonics purely by design and what could have been.

  5. A slob
    A slob 10 April 2022 21:43 Reply

    This needs color but great👌

  6. Charisk
    Charisk 11 April 2022 05:17 Reply

    quality stuff , i am proud to add this to the collection

  7. Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 11 April 2022 05:34 Reply

    Im surprised Tails wasnt cucked….again

    1. TriKurrDurr
      TriKurrDurr 13 April 2022 02:45 Reply


  8. cosmo
    cosmo 11 April 2022 07:09 Reply

    yall said nun bout how he was 16 and she was 14

    yall better hope this was made in Japan

  9. Nik9o
    Nik9o 11 April 2022 08:20 Reply

    Favorite robot sonic has to be metal sonic for me

    Also pretty good comic

  10. NEO Metal Sonic
    NEO Metal Sonic 11 April 2022 09:48 Reply

    NEO Metal Sonic is one of my favorites designs, (the one from sonic heroes) because he’s like the liquid terminator from terminator 2 where they can just take shape of anything and his reveal of him being the main villain instead of Dr.EGGMAN was really cool…

    (His boss fight was also cool)

  11. Shaco the clown
    Shaco the clown 12 April 2022 20:56 Reply

    I am dissapointed

    1. TriKurrDurr
      TriKurrDurr 13 April 2022 02:45 Reply


    HAAAAAAAAAAAHH 15 April 2022 14:38 Reply

    mind overloaded with pleasure

  13. .bob.
    .bob. 16 April 2022 08:19 Reply

    This is really interesting and in a sort of kinky but wholesome way I find this kinda cute how they made this comic tho my dick is begging to be stroked I won’t to pay respect I find this to be those one in a million comics that are more wholesome than actually BEAT MEAt till one hand is so strong you can out punch the dwayne the rock Johnson but this one finds balance in all of that I find it cute how they put this comic and I rate it 7 out of 10
    Ron: hi I’m still relevant and also nice comment to bad it’s cringe

    Adnd not based

    + didnt ask + u fell off + ratio + ur mom + your stupid + insert insult here + did I mention ratio yet? +this is a comic about a fucking rabbits child so this is technically child porn so technically I’m gonna have to call the fbi on your ass

  14. CT the divine rapier
    CT the divine rapier 24 April 2022 17:35 Reply

    Tiky will hear about this