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Dakuon -Jujutsu Saimin-

Artist: aiue oka
Parody: jujutsu kaisen
Some Random comic I found online. Also is the resolution a bit low, or is it just me?

Dakuon -Jujutsu Saimin-

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (7)
  1. The Random Guy
    The Random Guy 2 March 2022 18:47 Reply

    Personally, not a fan of nobara, I have no idea how she won the crunchyroll award for best girl, seems like people just blindly voted for everything jjk 

    1. Some Random Guy
      Some Random Guy 2 March 2022 19:32 Reply

      Hmm, a fellow Random brother

    2. Nobara Defender
      Nobara Defender 2 March 2022 21:55 Reply

      I genuinely think she's super well written, and unlike 99% of other anime women (especially previous winners) she's independent and serves as her own character even when a man isn't involved. She's a wonderful step forward towards better plot imo 

    3. Shipping God
      Shipping God 3 March 2022 02:56 Reply

      people were probably tired of shitty weak love interest whose only job was repeating the name of the main character for the  series. nobara was an absolute mad lad actually had personality and was genuinely fun to watch ship it 10 outa 10

    4. John-117
      John-117 3 March 2022 05:22 Reply

      Honestly, I think that…I don’t actually care at all cuz she’s not a real girl, just like how no one in this comment section has bitches 

  2. Machio
    Machio 3 March 2022 08:14 Reply

    Fuck all that shes a well written character

    Also can we just talk about how hypnosis and ugly bastard together is the worst combo

    1. Some Random Guy
      Some Random Guy 3 March 2022 17:37 Reply