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Episode Shadow DLC

Me-Files: Wanted to lay waste to the world because he was kind of right about the world persecuting Shadow and the only and ONLY villain to kill Sonic without even trying hard. He also had a badass transformation and entrance animation.

Infinite: Not a bad design, badass theme song, sadly the only good things about Infinite. His bitch ass whined when he got called weak. Shadow was stronger and more experienced so what did he expect to happen, to fall easily ?

Reposted due to site being quote un quote "fixed"

Episode Shadow DLC

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  1. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear and Baker


  2. The man
    The man 12 February 2022 16:37 Reply

    A bit confuse

  3. Guest sonic
    Guest sonic 17 February 2022 04:23 Reply

    i found you faker

    1. Shadow The Hedgehog
      Shadow The Hedgehog 7 September 2022 16:32 Reply

      Faker? I think you’re the fake hedgehog around here.

      You’re comparing yourself to me…ha!

      You’re not even good enough to be my fake.

  4. Shadow The Hedgehog
    Shadow The Hedgehog 7 September 2022 16:33 Reply

    C Rank