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Postblue compilation

Artist: postblue
Parody: fortnite
Yo, it's Benimaru here. This is my first post. It's not much but it's just something I decided to post as an introduction ig. Some of you already know me from the discord but for those who don't, I'm Benimaru (not the real name ofc) expect to see me a lot more in the comments and posting. I will post an actually comic eventually but just wanted to post this rq cause y not. Anyway, hope yall have a great day. Or don't. Not up to me. Cya.

-Asakusa's king of destruction

P.s. the artist @ on twitter is BadBlue98 for anyone who wanted to check them out themselves

Postblue compilation

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Comments (11)
  1. Prof oak
    Prof oak 6 January 2022 17:29 Reply

    Look shitty to me

    1. Vox
      Vox 6 January 2022 18:25 Reply

      Who cares about you opinion your goddamn guess no one gives a damn😡

      1. SoggyWafle
        SoggyWafle 7 January 2022 01:56 Reply

        vox u maybe right but al is still better

    2. BenimaruShinmon
      BenimaruShinmon 6 January 2022 21:00 Reply

      I like them honestly but that's just me. Ur entitled to opinion. I just made the post as a quick intro to me on the site

      1. Why just why
        Why just why 7 January 2022 02:22 Reply

        Welcome degenerate, I'm sure you'll do questionable things.

        1. Questionable Understanding
          Questionable Understanding 7 January 2022 06:47 Reply

          questionable indeed

  2. MvP
    MvP 7 January 2022 00:24 Reply

    Professor Oak no longer gets rights

  3. ĒÊËÈÉ
    ĒÊËÈÉ 7 January 2022 00:43 Reply

    Actually this is a pretty good art style and for your first comic its pretty good

  4. Superfly
    Superfly 7 January 2022 08:03 Reply

    not bad

  5. Average Sett Enjoyer
    Average Sett Enjoyer 7 January 2022 15:46 Reply

    Preem shit dude, added to favorite, few more tags would be perfect, but overall boner level: hard

    1. BenimaruShinmon
      BenimaruShinmon 7 January 2022 15:59 Reply

      Yea I had add more tags but they all went bye bye. Still happy with the final product tho