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Artist: lightsource
Parody: pokemon


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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (6)
  1. King Dvalinn Goldhammer
    King Dvalinn Goldhammer 1 December 2021 03:52 Reply

    Hey clown how that investment on a suit armour going 

    Plus ya boi got a promotion just need a good portrait to put up

  2. Pyro TAHN
    Pyro TAHN 1 December 2021 09:05 Reply

    I’m back no longer a guest hell yeah baby soon I’m going to be making my own porn based on my excellent binge viewing of all this shit

  3. halo three rat
    halo three rat 1 December 2021 09:38 Reply

    nope, you are still a guest. just like me

  4. mtfbeta6
    mtfbeta6 2 December 2021 05:52 Reply

    the 05 council can be real jerks, they won't let me go to the gun range because i eat salami and pickle sandwiches with ketchup and musturd, i mean atleast i don't eat pizza crust first, it's just a sandwich.

    oh bye the way, i met someone andthey are a terrible person. they are a furry, which isn't terrible but i might go hunting because if furries want to be animals, we should be able to hunt them like animals to. they are lgbtq, which i'm fine with, but they eat pizza crust first, which is terrible and deserves the flamenwerfer, holy 9 7, the m1911, the 50 cal berreta sniper with 50 bmg blue tip rounds' and 200 rounds of pure freedom coming out of a glock 19

  5. femboyowl1111
    femboyowl1111 2 December 2021 07:42 Reply

    huh.....lobunny like gardevoir........cant differ the male and female

  6. Charisk
    Charisk 9 December 2021 23:50 Reply

    The gender equality in this comic makes me happy smiley