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Andava Mini comics

Artist: andava
Andava Mini comics

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (17)
  1. Sir Johnny
    Sir Johnny 13 November 2021 16:44 Reply

    This is some nice materal here boys

    1. Damnation
      Damnation 13 November 2021 16:57 Reply

      Got that right 

  2. Who cares
    Who cares 13 November 2021 17:15 Reply

    Good stuff 

  3. KudosK42
    KudosK42 13 November 2021 19:13 Reply

    I found this lackluster.

    Not but, juse mediocre 

    I love mobile keyboards man

    Can't edit but to bad and juse to just

  4. KRIEG
    KRIEG 13 November 2021 19:49 Reply

    Does anyone know any fun mobile games that I can play on the go? 

    1. Caboose
      Caboose 30 November 2021 04:39 Reply

      Turbo Dismount

      Bloons TD 6 (If you have an iPhone) (Costs $6.00 But completely worth it.)

      Fieldrunners (Costs $1.00)

      Soul Knight (Cost $1.00)

      RealSteelWRB (spelled like that)

      Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes (Slow without internet but still works)

      Skylanders Ring of Heroes (Slow without wifi)

      Epic Little War Game (Or any of the "Little War Game" series)

      Need I go on?

      1. Caboose
        Caboose 7 March 2022 06:49 Reply

        Update: Skylanders Ring Of Heroes was shut down. It's no longer available

  5. Yeetmymeat
    Yeetmymeat 13 November 2021 20:10 Reply

    No but get lucky patcher installer  down load the app from it will tell u from there an u can mod /apk your own apps I did a self education my self on the app  an now don't spend a single buck on jack 🖕 micro trans actions 💎💰😂😂😂😂😂ps I need the internet to break some app my not brake online is 2% chance of braking , the installer is on the web not app store of any kind ,yes possible  I do have an use the dayly and a patch app will stop u need to re install the patch an u will be fine uninstall an reinstall is for main app store app only first an figure out  is wat I was told

  6. Superfly
    Superfly 13 November 2021 21:25 Reply

    i used lucky patcher but that is esentially cheating so i just buythe micro if i have too. i only use lucky patcher to removeads

  7. OrdinaryGuy
    OrdinaryGuy 13 November 2021 23:05 Reply

    Nice art

  8. The Critic
    The Critic 14 November 2021 01:44 Reply

    Surprisingly, there wasn't any shemale stuff that this artist usually puts out.

  9. Yeetmymeat
    Yeetmymeat 14 November 2021 01:45 Reply

    Sad chap dam u still use it and pay dam u dum I see that yet again u still ezly find sad chaps using the app an not investing in an savings Money 🤑 me I saved millions from the micro bull if I want to spend I put I it in my I JUST FELT LIKE I SPENT JAR AN NOW GRAB A BLUT AN SMOKE U DUMB FUCK HOLDER LMFAO 🤣 me savings Money 💰🤑 Xbox I'm coming I'm bored again an no fuck   I just play any of the BL1 2 3 AN PRE GAME  UK UK 🤷🖕THE REST 

    Ps smoke

  10. Deck6
    Deck6 14 November 2021 10:01 Reply

    The Invincible refference at the end of the second comic had me in tears! XD

  11. Ari
    Ari 14 November 2021 12:59 Reply

    Anyone else understand what yeetmymeat just said? Yeah, me neither.

  12. nilboard
    nilboard 14 November 2021 19:09 Reply


  13. The Lad
    The Lad 16 November 2021 07:07 Reply

    Can't believe Dylan fucked J.K Simmons

  14. Somedudewithnolife
    Somedudewithnolife 20 November 2021 12:36 Reply

    It was good but not as good as the other comics. But it's ok I only read em for the story. Lookin forward to your next comic whenever you do it.