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A Trap Can Dream

Sadly, what will most likely be the last Sillygirl/Sinner Comics to be put on this site.

-The Collector

A Trap Can Dream

Added The Collector
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06 Oct 2021
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  1. Guest Bap
    Guest Bap
    6 October 2021 14:40

    The last? 😞

  2. Jhin The Virtuoso
    Jhin The Virtuoso
    6 October 2021 19:11

    This is. Acceptable. The dick is lacking in emphasis. But the cum made up for it.

  3. Destiny
    6 October 2021 20:19

    Damn these tags are transphobic asf dont use shemale or use trap thats transphobic asf to trans women. dick girl is also kind fucked bc its just used to fetishize trans women.

    1. Accountless Lurker
      Accountless Lurker
      6 October 2021 22:26

      Are you aware you're commenting on a porn site? As in, people use those tags because they find trans women attractive. While I agree "trap" isn't always accurate given that it connotates dishonesty in order to fool someone into having sex with you, the others are like saying "ebony" is racist or "redhead" is... hair-color-ist.

      Of course, if you wanted to post your own porn comics, you could put whatever you want in the tags... and I doubt most people would mind. ;)

    2. RedKingOfLust
      7 October 2021 01:02

      Shut up and just enjoy the porn

    3. Gooshooter
      7 October 2021 01:44

      Woooo nobody gives a shiiiit

    4. Jhin The Virtuoso
      Jhin The Virtuoso
      7 October 2021 02:10


    5. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear
      Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear
      7 October 2021 06:24

      How can we ban this mother fucker for being a fucking tumblr user

    6. An Old lurker
      An Old lurker
      7 October 2021 20:01

      I mean as someone who is gonna start transitioning soon and who has a lot of trans friends I gotta ask who gives a shit?

  4. User 01
    User 01
    6 October 2021 22:15

    I feel like I'm going to see this guy in every dick girl comic

    1. Gooshooter
      7 October 2021 01:45

      I hope not

      1. The Collector
        The Collector
        7 October 2021 02:27

        Too late. He's been spamming his holier then thou copypasta in every comic marked dickgirl.

        1. Destiny
          7 October 2021 12:58

          im a girl dumbass my pronouns are she/her

          1. Jhin The Virtuoso
            Jhin The Virtuoso
            7 October 2021 15:19

            Fuck you. We don't care about your fucking pronouns.

          2. The Collector
            The Collector
            7 October 2021 19:19

            My apologies, I wasn't aware. Even in a disagreement it is still important to respect one another.

  5. Fused Zamasu
    Fused Zamasu
    7 October 2021 03:33

    Ah, another foolish mortal that thinks their pitiful existence can obtain meaning by commenting on a porn comic site about their little feud. It’s adorable what mortals do to “make a difference” when all they really want is attention. But for those equally foolish mortals who dare say that this being is in the right, let me show you. This mortal claims that the word “trap” is transphobic. Even though the word trap means when a male dresses and acts in a feminine way. Although the said male still identifies as male. Meaning they are not transgender. Also meaning that when you people say the word “trap” should become a slur. It just proves the bigotry of the limited knowledge mortals can have. And this is why I made my zero mortal plan.

  6. Scp-173
    7 October 2021 03:49

    Dang i havent seen a sinners comic for years

  7. Guest Name
    Guest Name
    13 November 2021 15:17

    They’re not trans they’re futanaris you dumb bitch

  8. Guest Guest
    Guest Guest
    15 September 2022 16:17

    They would be closer to intersex, in most cases on this site, not trans

  9. M o z z i 3
    M o z z i 3
    11 October 2022 01:23

    A year later and I'm just now learning this bitch is a nonce.